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(Mooresville) Early Man-Beginning of Civilization

Time period before writing Prehistory
The study of people who lived long ago by looking at what they left behind Archeology
Man made objects such as weapons, tools, art and buildings that were left behind by people who lived long ago Artifacts
Remains of something that was once living Fossil
It is believed that humans began on this continent Africa
People who had no permanent home and moved from place to place are called Nomads
In this time period, humans began to settle in small farming villages. Neolithic Age
This is word means to adapt for human use Domestication
The behaviors, practices, and obligations often associated with males and females. Gender Roles
The first civilizations began by Rivers
Time of nomads, hunting and gathering, the discovery of fire, and equal gender roles. Paleolithic Age
These people had to follow animals and vegetation cycles Nomads
During this time period people began to keep written records and formed civilizations Bronze Age
Time period people began to settle in small farming villages, domesticate animals and plant seeds to grow food Neolithic
Complex culture in which groups of many people share the same characteristics Civilization
Focusing an individual's efforts on a certain task or product Specialization of Labor
Word meaning more than enough Surplus
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