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history of Cath/EP

Who is credited with the development of specialized preformed, femoral approach catheters? Melvin Judkins
The Swiss cardiologist credited with the first successful PTCA was Andreas Gruentzig
The surgical shunt for palliative treatment of congenital pulmonary arteries was developed by the pediatric cardiologist Helen Taussig
In 1895 X rays were discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen
In 1959 the first selective coronary angiography was performed at Cleveland Clinic by Mason Sones
Dr. Kanji Inoue is credited with the development in 1985 of Balloon mitral commissurotomy
Werner Forssman was the first person to Place a catheter inside a living human heart, his own
Which event came latest in the history of invasive cardiology? Development of the drug eluting stent
At Cleveland Clinic in 1967, Dr Rene Favaloro performed the first Saphenous vein bypass graft
In 1970 doctors Swan and Ganz developed the first Thermodilution cardiac output catheter
In 1953, who developed the percutaneous vascular access technique involving a double arterial wall puncture? Seldinger
In 1964 dr. Charles Dotter first attempted transluminal angioplasty using: Dilators
Steam autoclave sterilization of surgical instruments was developed in the 1870s by whom? Robert Koch
The only treatments available for myocardial infarction wear oxygen, morphine and nitroglycerin until heart attacks were stopped by Intracoronary thrombolysis in 1978
Claude Bernard is credited with first use of the term: Cardiac catheterization
When did Claude Bernard first used the term of cardiac catheterization in his recording of the ventricular pressure is in a horse? 1844
The first accurate description of the circulation of blood through the heart was published in 1628 by William Harvey
In 1870 this German physicist developed a method of determining cardiac output based on arterial venous oxygen difference Fick
The formula for valve area was developed in 1951 by: Gorlin and Gorlin
Who invented the first floor of scope in 1897
The angiographic contrast developed in the 1920s, that made cardiac angiography safe is based on Iodine
Whats 10 square Johnson and Johnson responsible for creating Palmaz-Schatz
Inoue Balloon catheter
Kurt Amplatz
Created by: ICVT2b