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Enviroments Arbian

Envrioments of the Arabian Peinsula.

Characteristics Deserts Summer Temp rise 120 degrees 3-4 inches rainfall sand dunes that rises 800 feet Windstorms are created here Winter Temp are bellow freezing
CharacteristicsOasis Water is trapped under ground They have freshwater Plant life sprouts up like grass and shrugs Vary from a few acres to many.
CharacteristicsCoastal Plains 5-40 miles inland. It ends at a series of rocky cliffs The air is damp and moist,and rainfalls regularly.
Characteristics Mountains 20 inches of rain each year frost from in the winter 1,000 feet -12,000 feet is the mountians THe mountains are cool very different climates.
Adpations in the Desert They rasied sheep,goat and, camels. Clothed with loose fitting gowns and clothes They drank milk and made yogurt and cheese
Adaptions in the Oasis First people traveled in nomads wandering around,then they were stationary. They grew dates ,peaches ,and grains They built houses with plam wood. Farmers traded their crops for milk ,meat ,and camels hair
Adaptions in the Mountians Made houses from mud bricks Constructed dams and irrigations canals Grew melons and pomgrates They used ashes to fertile soil They grew trees like franckincense and myrh.
Adaptions in the Coastal Plains People build dams and deep wells. Is suitable for farming They grew grains, fruits,and vegeatables collected fargments of tree saps.
Created by: mgchess20