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Unit 3

Ancient India

What is the benefit of having your civilization surrounded by mountains? It provides the civilization with protection by a natural barrier.
What is the name of the water source that Mohenjodaro is located on? The Ganges River
Why did civilization not locate themselves in the middle of the Indian pennisula? Because very little vegetation grew on the Plateau regions.
Where did the majority of civilizations in Ancient India settle? On the Indus River
What is the tallest mountain range in the world? The Himalaya Mountains
How can mountains and deserts be positive physical features? They attack as natural barriers to protect civilizations from invaders.
What is a citadel? It is a fortress on top of a hill to protect a city from invaders.
Why was the sewage system in Mohenjodaro such a technological advancement for the civilization? It was the first of its kind. It resembles sewage systems similar to our present day ones.
Why do historians study art? In order to see what a society was like in a specific time period.
What is the Vedas? It is the Hindu sacred text similar to that of the Jewish Torah.
What is the caste system? It is the social structure of Indian Society where you are locked into your specific social class.
Who were the untouchables? They were the lowest class in the Caste System and were required to do job that were considered "dirty" like clean garbage and sewage.
Who or what is the Brahman? He is the main Hindu God who controls every aspect of Hinduism.
Who were the Deities? They were the different Hindu Gods.
What does Dharma stand for? Law, Obligation, and Duty
What is Karma? The belief that your actions in your current life will impact your life in your afterlife.
What is the cycle of Samsara? Life, Death, and Rebirth
What is reincarnation? The belief that a person's soul is reborn into a new body after death.
What were the three forms of suffering faced by the Prince? Time, Sickness, and Death
What is the Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths? They are the basic teachings all Buddhist should follow.
What are edicts? They are laws.
Describe the Edict "Buddhist Values." They asked people to be loving and respectful, and to practice non-violence.
Describe the Edict "General Welfare." These promoted people's well-being.
Describe the Edict "Justice." These Edicts are concerned with fair laws.
Describe the Edict "Security." These Edicts are concerned with issues of peace and conquest.
What does it mean to be in a “Golden Age?” It is a time of great prosperity and achievement.
What did students learn at the Hindu Universities? Religion, Math, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Sanskrit.
What kind of literature did the Gupta's write? Poetry, Fables, and folktales.
Who would get a painting in ancient Gupta? Wealthy Families
Gupta Sculptures portrayed what? the human form simply and gracefully.
Where did the Gupta Kings get their metal from? Huge mines of Copper, Gold, and iron.
What math practice did Gupta mathematicians invent? They used the decimal system to write numbers.
What may be a disadvantage to having easily accessible roads that enter and leave your civilization? They make it easier for armies to travel and attack civilizations along the roads.
Created by: Mr. Reifer