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India Terms

AP World History QOHS 2015

Monsoons Seasonal winds that bring rain
Aryan Invader of India that can from Persia through the Khyber Pass
Vedas A large body of text written in Sanskrit that originated from ancient India. Oldest scriptures of hinduism.
Sanskrit The primary language of Hinduism
Upanishads Epic poems that are compiled into the Vedas
varnas The caste system
Untouchables The lowest level in the Caste System
Chandragupta Mauryan First king of the Mauryan Empire
Ashoka The most important king of the Mauryan Empire. United all of India to hold steady under the constant threat of invasion.
Dharma The laws of your Caste
Hinduism The first main religion in India. Developed the Caste system
Buddhism Second main religion in India. Created by the Buddha.
Rig-Veda Book of Vedic psalms
Caste system A hierarchy where each person has their own place and job picked out for them.
Guru Brahmans who served as teachers to the Princes
Reincarnation the act of being re-born
Kamasutra Instructions to the higher class on how to live their life. Even down to the hygiene.
Buddha The person who created Buddhism. Was a Hindu prince and decided to become a religious leader. Is said to be the reincarnation of Vishnu, a Hindu God.
Nirvana The place you reach at the end of your lives in Buddhism
Silk Road A major trade route that was used between India and China
Pataliptra Small fort near the Ganges river
Created by: JuliaB_15