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Ancient Rome

Roman History

Circa 450 BC Roman laws were recorded on the __________ so that Judges could not make decisions purely on their opinions. 12 Tables
__________ were elected to protect the rights of the Plebeians from Patrician abuse. Tribunes
Two _________ were elected (originally) for 1 year terms to enforce the laws of Rome. Consuls
There were original 300 members of the ________, which conducted foreign policy and controlled the Roman finances. Senate
_______ were responsible for recording the wealth and residency of the Roman population. Censures
What type of government did Rome have for most of it's history prior to the rise of Octavian? Republic
. _______ , signs and warnings, were interpreted by augers. Omens
Which of the following led a slave revolt in 73 BC which was suppressed by Pompey? Spartacus
_________ was defeated in the Civil War by Sulla, who was later named dictator of Rome. Marius
What river did Julius Caesar cross that was the boundary for him to assert imperium and initiating civil war? The Rubicon
At the ____________, Cassius and Brutus’ legions were defeated by the combined forces of Octavian and Marc Antony. Battle of Philippi
At the __________ (31 BC), Marc Antony is defeated by Octavian. Battle of Actium
The legendary founder of Rome was ________. Romulus
Which of the following was early Rome’s main opposition in the Mediterranean? Carthage
The 1st Punic War was won by _________. Rome
Name the great Carthaginian General of the 2nd Punic War? Hannibal
__________ attacked Carthage forcing Hannibal to withdraw from Rome. Scipio
Which Roman Senator opposed Julius Caesar and was later executed by the order of Marc Antony? Cicero
Which Egyptian Pharaoh allied with Marc Antony against Octavian? Cleopatra
Which Emperor legalized Christianity in 312? Constantine
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