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Unit 2

Ancient Egypt

BC Before Christ
AD Anno Domini
BCE Before Common Era
CE Common Era
Why did historians stop labeling time as BC/AD and start labeling it as BCE/CE? To get away from the religious influence on labeling time.
What are celestial bodies? The Sun, Earth, Moon, Planets, and the Stars.
How were celestial bodies used by the ancient people to tell time? Ancient humans tracked celestial bodies through the sky in order to tell time.
Which date comes first: 1300 BCE or 9 BCE? 1300 BCE
Describe the importance of WATER. Water is essential for humans to live.
Describe the importance of VEGETATION. The plants of a place or region.
Describe the importance of TOPOGRAPHY. The physical features of a place or region, such as mountains and/or deserts.
What is the main physical feature of both Egypt and Kush? The Nile River
Why is the Nile River important to Egypt and Kush? The flooding of the Nile supplies each civilization with the water they need to survive.
What benefit does living in a desert give a civilization? It acts a natural barrier to protect the civilization from outsiders.
What are the five main physical features of Canaan? 1. The Mediterranean Sea 2. Lebanon Mountains 3. Sea of Galilee 4. Jordan River 5. Syrian Desert
Which one of Canaan's physical features is located to the west of Canaan’s border? The Mediterranean Sea
Describe the role of the Pharaoh in Egyptian society. The Pharaoh was the ruler of Egypt who many saw as a god.
What was Khufu most famous for? Building the Great Pyramid of Giza
How was Khufu able to hold onto so much power? (this is how all the Pharaohs were able to hold onto so much power) He told the people of Egypt he was a God.
What is the correct order of the Egyptian Social Structure starting with the most powerful and ending with the least powerful? 1. Pharaoh 2. Government Officials 3. Priests 4. Scribes 5. Artisans 6. Peasants
Explain why Egypt's social structure is shaped like a pyramid. There are a few people at the top who have all the power while everyone at the bottom has no power.
What is the role of the Pharaoh? The ruler of Egypt.
What is the role of the Government Official? Carried out orders from the Pharaoh.
What is the role of the Priest? Were in charge of the temples and religious rituals.
What is the role of the Artisan? They were craftspeople like carpenters, metal-workers, painters, sculptors, and stone carvers.
What was the role of the Peasant? They were the largest social class who worked the land to provide Egypt with a stable food supply.
How did Egypt egyptianize the kingdom of Kush? They forced them to follow Egyptian rules, laws, and religion.
What was Kush’s main goal once they took over Egypt? To restore Egypt's past glory.
What is the Torah and is it important? The Torah is the scared book that describes the origins of Judaism and its basic laws.
What is Abraham known for? He was known as the "father of the Hebrews." He offered to sacrifice his son to God.
What is Moses known for? He was known for leading the Hebrews through the Exodus of Egypt.
What is David known for? He found the Kingdom of Israel and made Jerusalem the Holy City.
What is Solomon known for? He built the first great Temple of Jerusalem.
How did Abraham set an example for how Hebrews should practice their faith? He showed Hebrews that if they put their faith in God their faith will be rewarded.
What is the purpose of the ten commandments? The ten laws that became the foundation of Judaism
Define Exodus. The escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian Slavery.
What is monotheism? The belief that there is only one God.
What was the Jewish Diaspora and what problem did it cause? The Jewish Diaspora was when the Jews were forced to leave Jerusalem. This threatened the survival of Judaism.
Which four civilizations ruled over the Hebrew land of Jerusalem? 1. The Babylonians 2. The Persians 3. The Greeks 4. The Romans
Created by: Mr. Reifer