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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian World Civ "Ancient Greece" Test Flashcards 2018

Which two (2) Seas lie to the east and west of Greece? The Ionian and Aegean Seas.
Who was Homer? He was an ancient Greek poet who is credited with writing the "Odyssey".
What is an "epic poem"? It is a long poem that tells the deeds of a great hero.
What does the Greek word "polis" mean? This word means "city-state".
What does the word "democracy" mean? This word means "government by the people", or, "rule of the many".
Which two Greek city - states were major rivals starting around 730 B.C.E.? Athens and Sparta.
List 3 of the 4 characteristics of Spartans. 1. Men lived in military barracks until age 30, 2. All men served in the military, 3. Men stayed in military until age 60, 4. All Spartans ate sparse meals.
List 3 of the 4 characteristics of Athenians. 1. Stressed intelligence & creativity, 2. Leisure time was important, 3. Time to think (vs. working) led to development of philosophy, 4. Art was important.
What was 'ostracism' and what was it used for? This was the practice of banning a person from the city of Athens for 10 years if their name was written on a piece of pottery (called 'ostrakon') by 6,000 members. Used to protect against ambitious politicians.
When was the "Age of Pericles" and why was it important? Between 461 and 429 B.C.E. It was a time when "democracy flourished at home" and Athens expanded its empire - the "height of Athenian power and brilliance".
What is "direct democracy"? It was created by Pericles. Every male citizen participated in government by making decisions during large meetings. All male citizens participated in the governing assembly & voted on all major issues.
Who or what is 'Delos'? This was the island where the Delian League had its headquartered.
What products did the ancient Greeks export? Pottery, wine, & olive oil.
What products did the ancient Greeks import? Grains, metals, fish, timber, wheat, and slaves.
Who was Solon and why is he important to understanding early Greek history? He was a reform-minded Greek aristocrat. He is important because his ideas helped solve serious economic problems at the end of the 7th century B.C.E. He canceled all land debts & freed people who had fallen into slavery for their land debts.
What was the name of the Bronze Age civilization that influenced the early Greeks, but was not a Greek civilization itself? The Minoan civilization.
What happened at the Battle of Marathon? In 490 B.C.E., a Persian force landed at Marathon, which was only 26 miles from the city of Athens. Although the Athenians were greatly outnumbered, they defeated the stronger Persian army, forcing them to retreat.
Who was Xerxes? He was the Persian who took over rule of the Persian Empire after Darius died in 486 B.C.E. He vowed to take revenge against the Greeks for defeating them at the Battle of Marathon.
What was the Athenian economy based on in the 5th century? Farming & trade.
What was the name of the Greek civil war that broke out between the Athenians and the Spartans in 431 B.C.E.? The Peloponnesian War.
What was Pericles' plan when this Greek civil war broke out? Pericles planned to stay in Athens behind their protective walls and receive supplies from their colonies and their navy. (Their navy was stronger than the Spartan's navy.)
What happened in 405 B.C.E. that led the Spartans to finally defeat the Athenians during the Greek civil war? The Athenian navy - its strongest asset - was destroyed at Aegospotami (ee * guh * SPAH * tuh * mee) and the Athenians surrendered within a year.
What were the first Greek dramas? The first Greek dramas were tragedies.
Who is known as the "Father of History" and is known for writing the "first real history in Western civilization"? Herodutus.
Who is considered "the greatest historian of the ancient world"? Thucydides.
Who was Pythagoras? A Greek philosopher who created the idea of the Pythagorean Theorem in Geometry.
Who was Socrates and what is he known for? He was an Ancient Greek philosopher who taught his students how to live their lives by a code of ethics. He believed that people could be happy by living moral lives, and that they could also be taught how to behave morally.
What is the 'Socratic Method'? A method of teaching that uses a question and answer format to lead students to see things for themselves by using their own reason.
Who was Plato and what is he known for? He was a philosopher and was one of Socrates' students. He believed that a higher world of eternal, unchanging 'Forms' has always existed. The 'Forms' made up reality and only a person who has a 'trained mind' can become aware of or understand them.
Who was Aristotle? He was an ancient Greek philosopher who had been a student at a school Plato established, called the Academy.
Who was Eratosthenes and what is most known for? He was an ancient Greek astronomer. He's most known for figuring out that the Earth was round and for computing the Earth's circumference as being 24,675 miles - only 185 miles from the correct answer!
Who was Euclid and what was he most known for? He was an ancient Greek Mathematician. He wrote a book on plane geometry that is still used today.
Who was Archimedes and what is he most known for? He was a famous ancient Greek scientist. He worked on the geometry of spheres and cylinders and established the value of pi.
Who was Epicurus and what is he most known for? He was a famous ancient Greek philosopher. He believed that human beings were free to follow their own self - interest & make happiness their goal. Happiness, he said, was being free from worry & emotional turmoil.
What does the term "Hellenistic Era" refer to? This refers to the ". . . age of Alexander the Great; the period when Greek language and ideas were carried to the non-Greek world."
What does the term "Stoicism" mean/ refer to? This term refers to a Greek philosophical movement that was started by Zeno of Athens. He taught that material possessions were not necessary to be happy.
What does the term "Epicureanism" mean/ refer to? This term refers to a Greek philosophical movement that was started by Epicurus. He taught that ". . .human beings were free to follow their own self-interest and make happiness their goal. . . happiness was the pursuit of pleasure, the only true good.
Why was Mt. Olympus so important to the Greeks? It was believed to be the home of the 12 chief gods and goddesses of their religion.
List the three (3) basic groups of people in Plato's ideal state. 1.) Philosopher - kings, 2.) Warriors, 3.) The masses.
What three (3) continents surround Greece? Africa, Asia, and Europe. ("Bizarre Foods: Greece" video)
What does the word "agora" mean/refer to? This term means "central market". ("Bizarre Foods: Greece" video)
Why do Greeks marinate the tiny fish that Diane buys in acid? Greeks do this to preserve the fish. ("Bizarre Foods: Greece" video)
List the name of one (1) industry that used to thrive on the Greek island of Kalymnos? Sponge diving. ("Bizarre Foods: Greece" video)
What does the term "oracle" mean/ refer to? This term refers to the sacred shrine where Greek gods and goddesses revealed the future through a priest of priestess.
Who was the "king of the gods" according to Greek mythology? Zeus held this position.
Who was the Greek goddess of marriage and the wife of Zeus? Hera was the Greek goddess of this.
Who was the Greek god of music and the arts? Apollo was the Greek god of this.
Who was the Greek goddess of the home and the family? Hestia was the Greek goddess of this.
Who was the Greek god of the seas? Poseidon was the Greek god of this.
Created by: sticklerpjpII