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Phlebo practice test

The body system that filters blood to eliminate waste, helps maintain blood pH, and regulates water balance is the Urinary System
A complete blood count (CBC) is collected in an evacuated tube with a _____________ colored stopper. Lavender
When using two glass slides to make a blood smear, the recommended angle of contact between them is approximately 30 degrees
An evacuated tube system for venipuncture consists of all but which one of these components? Compartmentalized, hard shell collection tray
To draw blood from a patient with an open IV line, the selected site should be located Below the IV or other arm if possible
Why does a multi-sample needle have a rubber sleeve over the end of the needle that is inserted into the collection tube? To prevent blood from seeping into the tube holder (adapter)
The smallest veins of the human anatomy are known as Venules
Treating all lab specimens as if they are hazardous and infectious is the basis for Quality assurance programs
OSHA requires training and educational information be given to phlebotomists on all but which one of the following topics? Preventing identification
Which of these elements in blood is bound by EDTA in a collection tube to prevent clotting? Calcium
Which of these is a common component of disinfectant solutions used for collection of the blood cultures? Chlorhexidine
Before performing a venipuncture, why will a phlebotmist tie a tourniquet? To help locate viens in the antecubital
To collect blood for a prothrombin time test, use an evacuated tube with a ______ colored stopper Light Blue
To collect blood without an additive, use an evacuated tube with a _______ colored stopper Red
One bedside (POC) laboratory test that is used before surgery to check whether a patient has functional platelets is known as Bleeding time test
Which of the following steps will minimize aerosol microbial contamination in a laboratory? Closing centrifuge lids
What type of additive is most commonly used for collecting an ethanol specimen? Red Top with no additive
One possible cause for finding strands in serum tubes after centrifugation might be Centrifuging before it has clotted
When anticoagulated blood is centrifuged, ________ will be spun to the bottom of the tube Red blood cells
Which of these is not an example of parenteral transmission of an infection? drinking contaminated water
To confirm diabetes mellitus or hyperglycemia, a ______ may be ordered lactose intolerance test
A lipid panel provides the most useful information to the physicians if it is drawn while a patient is fasting
Which of the following is most likely to cause contamination during blood culture collection? Rushing the drying process between cleansings
Tiny clots may appear in an anticoagulated tube due to centrifuging too slowly
A laboratory test that evaluates extrinsic coagulation function is the PT (prothrombin time)
A part of the quality assurance process that ensures accuracy in lab test results, health care workers who collect and perform laboratory testing must demonstrate ongoing Compliance
What should the phlebotomist do if the outside of a patient sample tube has visible blood on it? label it as biohazard
Which of the following tests should be kept warm after collection, and delivered to the laboratory as quickly as possible? cold agglutinin
What laboratory test is time dependent? Glucose tolerance
Which factor might result in failure to obtain blood during venipuncture? insufficient needle depth
The most common Nosicomial infections are ________ in origin Urinary tract
A tube holder that has been visibly contaminated with blood should be disposed of with biohazardous waste
Health care personnel should maintain absolute sterility when handling IV supplies
A glucose meter is an important way to monitor the medical condition of patients with diabetes mellitus
Whenever a glucose meter is cleaned or its battery changed, it is crucial to monitor values with quality control material
The abbreviation for AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome
The fragile skin of very ill neonates(infant) means that the phlebotomist might want to find an alternative for which post-puncture step? Using adhesive tape
If low birth weight infants have too much blood drawn, they might be in danger of becoming anemic
What disease is caused by blood-borne pathogen? Malaria
To alleviate pain when performing venipuncture on a non-compliant child, a physician can apply ______to the skin topical anesthetic (EMLA)
The cell that transport oxygen to the tissue is the red blood cells
A grossly hemolyzed sample can be caused by traumatic venipuncture
What additive is commonly found in a blood culture collection tube? SPS
For which of the following laboratory tests should a patient be fasting? Lipid profile
What initial patient preparation is required for a glucose tolerance test? ensure the patient has been fasting 10-12 hrs
Use a ______ topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for electrolyte testing Red
Use a _______ topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for cholesterol testing. Red
platelets help the circulation by participating in hemostasis
One test often used to assess hemostasis before surgery is bleeding time
Hemolysis would cause rejection of a sample collected for ________ testing Potassium
If a blood sample should be collected 2 hours post-prandial, the phlebotomist should collect the sample 2 hours after a meal
Knowing when to collect peak and trough levels is important when drawing therapeutic drugs
The tole of all anticoagulants is ultimately to prevent formation of Fibrin
The anticoagulant EDTA works by binding calcium
The anticoagulant SOS is recommended for use in blood cultures because it does not inhibit bacterial growth
Law protects the health worker if it can be determined that he or she acted reasonably as compared with fellow workers, this is called Resonable care
Negligence by a professional person is called Malpractice
The ability to see things from another persons point of view is empathy
Failure to do something a reasonable person would do under ordinary circumstances or doing something a reasonable person would not do under ordinary circumstances thereby causing harm to another person is called Negligence
A phlebotomist who attempts to draw blood without sufficient training could be accused of _______ if the procedure is performed incorrectly, causing harm to the patient. Incompetence
A 24 hour urine specimen must be kept refrigerated
a chronic disease in which the pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin is called diabetes mellitus
The purpose of the bleeding time test is to assess platelet plug formation in the capillaries
Diurnal rhythms refer to variations in the body's function or fluids that occur during ever 24 hour
EMLA is an emulsion of lidocaine and prilocaine that can be used to topically anesthetize a draw site
The study of all aspects of disease in the body is known as pathology
A patient in reverse isolation has been so placed because he or she needs protection from others carrying infection
NaCitrate Sodium Citrate
Contaminated laundry should be _____ where it was soiled Bagged or containerized at the location
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