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Chapter 3

Early Empires in the Ancient Near East

a large state, usually under a single leader empire
dominated by men patriarchal
a wheeled, horse-drawn cart chariot
a journey expedition
a region of the Persian empire satrapy
a governor of a Persian province satrap
a government ruled by a king or queen monarchy
This empire invaded and controlled Egypt for about 100 years and was known for using chariots Hyksos
This empire used the Code of Hammurabi as its laws Babylon
This group set up the first empire in world history by overtaking the Sumerians Akkadians
The pharaoh Ahmose I reunited Egypt and established this kingdom New Kingdom
This empire was located upriver from Egypt and was a major trading empire Kush
This empire took over much of Mesopotamia and used terror in warfare Assyria
This empire was established by Cyrus and had a well-organized administration Persia
This religion was practiced by the Persians Zoroastrianism
This law code was a very strict system of justice with severe punishments used by the Babylonians Code of Hammurabi
The most important thing chariots were used for was this warfare
Because Mesopotamian societies were patriarchal, these family members had the most power fathers
He was a powerful military leader of the Akkadian Empire Sargon
For many punishments, such as robbery, the Code of Hammurabi called for this as punishment death
The New Kingdom of Egypt reached its height under this pharaoh Amenhotep III
She was the most powerful female pharaoh Hatshepsut
Ahmenhotep tried to change Egyptian religion to this type of religion monotheistic
Kush developed in this area Nubia
The economy of Kush was primarily based on this trading
The New Kingdom of Egypt collapsed in this year 1070 B.C.E.
Assyria included these three regions Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel
The Assyrians were very skilled at this conquering
Cyrus was best known for this tolerance
He divided the Persian empire in to 20 different satrapies Darius
Persian was primarily located in this modern-day country Iran
Cyrus allowed this group to return to Israel The Jews
The Persians were famous for a system of these, to help keep the large empire connected roads
Zoroastrianism is primarily concerned with this the struggle between good and evil
The Persians, led by Cyrus, conquered this empire Babylonian
Created by: Mrs. Marquardt