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Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration Vocabulary

A period beginning in the early 1400s and ending in the late 1700s where European explorers and merchants discovered areas of the world yet unseen by Western Europe. Age of Exploration
3 motivations of Exploration God, Gold, Glory
used stars as fixed points to show direction Astrolabe
science of drawing maps Cartography
big, strong ships that could travel in shallow water Caravel
triangle-shaped sails from Arabs Muslims that allowed explorers to sail against the wind Lateen Sails
Portuguese prince who created a navigation school to train sailors Prince Henry the Navigator
Became the first European to make it to India by sailing around Africa Vasco Da Gama
Italian Explorer who mistakenly thought that he had discovered another route to Asia but had discovered the Americas Christopher Columbus
Country who Columbus sailed for Spain
Man who had First crew to circumnavigate the world Ferdinand Magellan
A Spanish soldier and Explorer who led military expeditions in the Americas and captured land for Spain Conquistador
Conquered the Aztecs Hernando Cortes
Conquered the Inca Francisco Pizarro
Agreement between Spain and Portugal that Divided territory in the Americas along North and South Treaty of Tordesilla
Primary goods traded by the French Fur and fish
Type of freedom desired by the Pilgrims and Puritans Religious Freedom
First permanent English settlement in the New World Jamestown
Land that was disputed in the French and Indian War Ohio River Valley
Country that colonized Manhattan and founded the Dutch East India Company Netherlands
the introduction of new products between Indians & Europeans The Columbian Exchange
Economic system used from 1500s to 1700s that stated Nation’s power is directly related to its wealth Mercantilism
Group of investors who create a colony and share in profits and losses Joint Stock Company
an economic system where businesses are privately owned and the goal of the individual is to make a profit Capitalism
Trade network (1600s to 1800s) that carried goods and enslaved people between Europe, Africa, and the Americas Triangular Trade
The transportation of African slaves from the West Coast of Africa to the New World Middle Passage
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