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Middle ages

middle ages

1) Why called the middle ages? Because it was the in between time.
What were the "Dark Ages" The Black plague was in the dark ages, learning and civilization declined.
What were the three main influences on the early medievil Europe? Catholic church, Roman traditions , germanic customs.
How did the Catholic Church exercise so much power and influence on medeival life? Monopoly on after life, sacremanets, excommunication, interdict, politics, strong imperial popes.
What is monopoly on after life? The only way to get to heven was to folow the reilgon.............
What is excommunication? If you don't believe and follow you are out of the church.
What is interdict? Banning a kingdom from receiving sacraments. A group punishement. Sinning laws.
Strong imperial Popes like Gragory the great. He became like a ruler in the middle ages and the church was part of the state.
What is inquisition? Church court.
Who was Benedict? Why was he important? He was a monk who established the Benedictine rule of living in the monastary.
What were Benedict's monastic rules? Stay for life, pray and worship 8 times a day, work 7 hours at manual labor, one or two meals a day, two hours of reading, wine but no red meat.
How did classical roman heitage still influence life? Languages evolved from latin called the romance languages (french, latin, spanish, italian) and monasataries wrote and created art that helped keep roman heritage alive.
How did germanic custom influence Medieval Europe? Kingship. Trials Kingship was based on war cheif who banded people together who were loyal to him. He took care of them and they were like a family, not like a roman government. Trials were not done by judges but by ordeal or superstition.
What tribes took over in germanic rule and where? The anglos and the saxons took over england, the franks took france, gothes took germany and the visigoths took spain and the ostrogoths took over italy.
What is a major domo? Mayor of the palace.
Why was Charles Martel an important major domo? He stopped the muslim conquest.
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