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World war

Here you will study both of the World War.

Who was killed in the Holocaust and about how many were killed? 6 million Jews
Who was at punished for WWI? Germany
Who had to pay reparation (payments)? Germany
What war did militarism, alliance, imperialism, and nationalism cause? WWI
What powers in WWII was Germany, Italy and Japan? Axis Power
What is one difference that was before WWI and after WWI in Europe? 1. The countries become smaller 2. Germany, Austria Hungry, and Russia lost land 3. The empires became countries 4. Poland was created
What ended WWI? The Treaty of Versailles
What government did Germany had during WWII? Fascism
Who started the League of Nations? Woodrow Wilson
Why didn't U.S. join the League of Nations? Did't want to get into Europe's problems.
Which of the main four cause was the definition below? love for one's country Nationalism
Which of the main four cause was the definition below? using strong armies and threats of war Militarism
Which of the main four cause was the definition below? a mutual agreement between counties to defend one another Alliances
Which of the main four cause was the definition below? A policy of extending a county's power and influence through diplomacy or military force Imperialism
What is the difference of be between Fascism and Nazism? Fascism is type of government and Nazism is an ideology and practice of Nazis.
On a board, drew a picture of a propaganda that was used or can be used in WWI and WWII. (It didn't have to be big) Does yours say something like... 1. We want you 2. We can do it 3. Woman in war, we can't win with them 4. Victory waits your fingers 5. Victory- now is the time to join
What are the main members is in WWII in the Central Powers? Austria-Hungary and Germany
What were the members that was in the Allied power in WWI and WWII? France, Russia, and eventually U.S.
What were the one of the three effects that were in the Great Depression? 1. Workers lost there jobs 2. trade fell off 3. people looked for leaders who could bring about change
What did Hitler do when he said "The Final Solution." Murdered every single Jew in Europe.
What is genocide? Genocide is the mass murder of people. This is based on race or religion.
Give a example of appeasement. A little sister is crying so the big sister gives her a cookie to clam her down.
how was appeasement use in the before WWII? Other countries didn't want to start a war so they give some land to Germany back.
Who competed for raw material, a market for their products, and cheap labor? European colonialist in the last 19th century.
Who were the main members of the Allied Powers in WWI and WWII? WWI- Britain, France, Russia, and Eventually United Sates. WWII- Great Britain, France, China, and eventually United States and Soviet Union (Russia)