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Administering Meds

Kinns The Medical Assistant 12th edition

A tablet may be given a(n) __________ coating so that the medicine is absorbed in the small intestine. Enteric
__________ are administered to patients with peripheral edema to help absorb extra fluid from cells. Hypertonic solutions
A medication to open the airways is prescribed because the patient has __________. bronchoconstriction
The __________ of a medication is its thickness and its ability to move easily from a vial to an injection unit. viscosity
Intramuscular injections for infants should be given within the upper __________ of the vastus lateralis muscle. quadrant
Antibiotics typically are prescribed initially in a(n) __________ dose to reach therapeutic blood levels as quickly as possible. loading
__________ is an enlarged, hardened reaction produced by the Mantoux test. induration
Repeated injections of minute amounts of allergens to desensitize a patient to allergic reactions is called __________. immunotherapy
Diarrhea, vasodilation, hypotension and bronchoconstriction are all signs of an ___________ ___________. anaphylactic reaction
What needle gauge size should be used for an subcutaneous injection? 25
Very thick, viscous medications should be administered with what size gauge? 21
What route of administration would be used for allergy testing? Intradermal
A correctly administered intradermal injection produces a ______. wheal
The ___________ is the preferred site for intramuscular injections in infants and children. vastus lateralis
The ____________ is the traditional site for most (adult) deep intramuscular injections. dorsogluteal site
The body areas used for an intradermal (ID) injection are the __________ back. anterior forearm and upper
The _________ is the sharpened end of the needle. point
When giving an adult subcutaneous injection, you should not inject more than _____ cc into subcutaneous tissue. 2
With a(n) ___________ system, a small adhesive patch or disk is applied to the body near the treatment site. transdermal
You should always check for ________ before administering any medication. allergies
To read the amount of a liquid medication poured into a measuring device correctly, read at the _________ of the meniscus. lowest level
_________ of the syringe determines whether the needle tip is in a blood vessel. Aspiration
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