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Anci. Civ. & Religio

Ancient Civilizations & Religions

What is a ziggurat? A set of stacked rectangular platforms in a pyramid shape which was used for religious purpose.
What did domestication of animals and plants offer families. Domestication offered a surplus of food.
What is the purpose of cuneiform? Cuneiform preserved the literature, history, and religious traditions of civilizations.
Which civilizations is responsible for the invention of the writing style, cuneiform? Sumeria
Who invented the 282 laws of Babylon? Hammurabi
When was Hammurabi king of Babylon? 1792
What types of technology is Mesopotamia famous for? The plow; a system of writing; and an improved irrigation process.
What are the components of a successful civilization? SWAGGER- Social Structure, Writing System, Architecture & Art, Geography, Government, Economics, and Social Structure.
What were the main goods traded among the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Phoenicians? Grain and Textiles (cloths or linen)
What did the floods of the Nile river offer the locals? The floods offered rich fertile soil for farming, called silt.
What are some benefits for living near a river? water source; irrigation; bathing of people and foods; transportation; fresh silt for farming.
What is polytheism? the belief and worship of multiple gods.
What is monotheism? the belief and worship of only one god.
What is atheism? the belief that there is no god, higher power or being in control of the universe.
Where is Mesopotamia located on a current physical map? Mesopotamia is located on a plain between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, modern day Iraq in the Middle East.
What two rivers surround Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What do you call "Small, independent countries, with their own ruler and farmland." City-States
How were the Huang He River Valley, Nile River Valley, and Mesopotamian civilization similar? They all were polytheistic religions
What was the overall purpose of the Code of Hammurabi? The code was designed to protect the people it served.
What's the order of history? Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age
What is climate? weather over time
What country did Hinduism originate from? India.
Who was the founder of the Hebrews? Abraham
What is the symbol of Judaism? the Star of David
The Huang He River is located in which country? China
What is a dynasty? a ruling family
What is the written language of Ancient Egypt? Hieroglyphics
What does it mean "the act of rising from the dead?" Resurrection
What is silt? fertile soil often found along river banks.
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