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Ch. 4 History Notes

Dorians brought iron weapons with them to Greece.
hoplites "ordinary citizens" in the Greek army.
Mycenaeans came to Greece from Central Asia.
Minoans taught navigation of the sun and stars to the Mycenaeans.
Fishing, trade, and herding goats and sheep things the Early Greeks lived by.
Free, native-born, land-owning men could be citizens of Greek city-states.
Spartans focused on military service.
20 age in which Spartan men joined the regular army.
Athens focused on government and education.
upper-class Athenian women could not leave home without a male relative.
ephors enforced laws and collected taxes in Sparta.
Peisistratus became popular by giving land to landless farmers.
Sparta was an oligarchy.
Athens was a democracy.
Cyrus the Great king of Persia; united the Persian empire.
xerxes king of Persia; he wanted to conquer Greece to increase the country's wealth, to win glory, and for revenge.
Herodotus wrote the history of the Persian wars.
Pericles made Athens more democratic.
Age of Pericles age of creativity and learning in Athens.
Parthenon workers hauled 20,000 tons of marble and took 15 years to build this.
Direct democracy all the people decide on government matters.
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