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WH Renaissance

1. What kind of government is ruled by a king or queen? 2. Monarchy
3. What kind of government has leading members of society represent others in society? 4. Republic
5. What were most of the governments of the Italian City-states? 6. Republics
7. What emphasized classicism, humanism, individualism, and secular studies? 8. Renaissance
9. The goal of this movement was to create well-rounded individuals and excellence in the arts, architecture, and civics. 10. Humanism
11. What city was the early center of Renaissance activity? 12. Florence
13. Which Italian artist is famous for the first free-standing bronze sculpture since Roman times (a statue of David)? 14. Donatello
15. Which Italian artist is famous for the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and sketches of various inventions? 16. Leonardo da Vinci
17. Which Italian artist is famous for a marble statue of David, the Sistine Chapel, and the Pieta? 18. Michelangelo
19. What are some of the subjects of the Sistine Chapel? 20. Creation, the Flood, the Fall of Adam and Eve
21. Which Italian artist is famous for his Madonna paintings and the School of Athens? 22. Raphael
23. What is the name of the Italian humanist scholar who wrote poetry and emphasized reclamation of Greek and Roman learning? 24. Petrarch
25. This Florentine writer wrote the Divine Comedy while in exile. 26. Dante
27. This Italian writer explained what a Renaissance Man should be like? 28. Castiglione
29. This English Renaissance writer is responsible for classics like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and MacBeth? 30. Shakespeare
31. This English writer wrote about a perfect society to criticize his own society. 32. Sir Thomas More
33. Who invented a moveable, metal-type printing press which spread learning and news? 34. Johann Guttenberg
35. Who is the most important person in starting the Protestant Reformation? 36. Martin Luther
37. Which Protestant leader stressed Predestination in his Theology? 38. John Calvin
39. Why did Henry VIII separate the Church of England from the Catholic Church? 40. To divorce his wife in order to someday father a son
41. What do we call Martin Luther’s list of complaints about certain Church practices, especially indulgences? 42. 95 Theses
43. Why was Johann Tetzel selling indulgences and ticking off Martin Luther? 44. The pope wanted to build a cathedral
45. What Council planned the Catholic Counter-Reformation? 46. Council of Trent
47. Who was the founder of the Jesuit order, the Society of Jesus? 48. Ignatius of Loyola
49. Who proposed a heliocentric theory of the universe? 50. Copernicus
51. Who collected a great deal of information with his great observatory in Denmark? 52. Tycho Brahe
53. Who improved Copernicus’ heliocentric theory with elliptical orbits? 54. Kepler
55. Who proved that objects in space were not perfect, heavenly bodies with his telescope? 56. Galileo
57. Who developed a theory of gravity and laws of motion that helped explain planetary movement? 58. Newton
59. Who are the two figures who helped develop an explanation of reasoning and the Scientific Method? 60. Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes
Created by: Mr McNair