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Domain 3

Ancient Greek Civilization Vocabulary

independently on your own; free from the control of other people or things
messenger someone who carries messages and does other errands or jobs
conquest the act of conquering, or taking over something or someone; a win
permanently continuing in the same way without change; for all time
debated discussed or argued different points of view
democracy a way of governing, or ruling that gives the people the power to choose their leaders and help create their own laws
architecture the art of designing buildings and other structures; the style in which buildings and other structures are designed
assembly a group or meeting of many people
marathon a footrace measuring a little more than 26 miles; any long distance race or endurance contest
tribute a gift or compliment that is given to honor the contributor(s) of a particular person or group
channel a sailable route between two bodies of water
philosopher someone who seeks to understand and explain people and the world in which they live
marvelous excellent or wonderful
tame to make gentle or obedient
invader someone who enters a place, such as a country, by force in order to conquer it
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