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Chapter 5-7

Scar tissue consists primarily of: Collagen Fibers
Which of the following promotes rapid healing? Closely approximated edges of a wound
Patients taking glucocorticoids for long periods of time are likely to develop all of the following EXCEPT: increased leukocyte production
A typical source of infection in burn areas is: microbes surviving in the hair follicles in the burn area.
A large burn area predisposes to decreased blood pressure because: fluid and protein shift out of the blood.
Some local effects of a general inflammatory response would include: redness
An abscess contains: purulent exudate.
Drugs that have anti-inflammatory -analgesic-antipyretic activities include: A. aspirin (ASA). B. ibuprofen (NSAID). C. COX-2 inhibitors (NSAIDs)
Potential complications after healing by scar formation include all the following EXCEPT: increased hair growth.
All of the following are factors that promote healing EXCEPT: advanced age.
What does the term carrier mean? An asymptomatic person whose body harbors pathogens and can transmit them to others
Host resistance is promoted by all of the following EXCEPT: chronic respiratory disease.
Which of the following factors would NOT increase the virulence of a specific microbe? Production of interferons
That time in the course of an infection when the infected person may experience a headache or fatigue and senses he or she is “coming down with something” is referred to as which of the following? Prodromal period
How does penicillin act as a bactericidal agent? It interferes with cell-wall synthesis.
Which of the following statements applies to Influenza A H1N1? It contains genetic material from avian,swine, and human viruses.
Drugs that are designed to inhibit or slow down growth of microbes but not necessarily kill them are considered: bacteriostatic
A secondary immune response differs from the primary immune response in that: it is more rapid than the primary response and results in higher antibody levels.
Which type of immunity is provided by a vaccination? Active artificial
Which of the following complications does NOT occur frequently in AIDS patients? Polyarthritis
Which of the following characteristics apply to HIV? It tends to mutate frequently to form new strains & It is inactivated by heat and many disinfectants.
A specific defense for the body is: intact skin and mucous membranes.
Which of the following statements applies to fever? It results from release of pyrogens into the circulation.
Which chemical mediator is involved in prolonging the inflammatory response? Leukotrienes
Which of the following statements applies to Chlamydia? It causes a common STD.
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