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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Vocabulary, People, Events

The Minoan civilization arose where? Crete
Minoan life was centered around palace complexes. Which of the following is an example of one of these? Knossus
This was an Epic Poem by Homer describing the Trojan War? Iliad
A Greek city-state? Polis
The Greek marketplace was called the? Agora
A defensible fortification in the center of the polis? Acropolis
Heavily armed infantry largely composed of commoners are called? Hoplites
In the Athenian system of democracy, citizens viewed as dangerous were voted into exile. This was called what? Ostracism
Slaves in Sparta were called? Helots
In the mid-500’s BC, the dominate Empire was? Persia
The Persian King that changed the policies regarding the Ionian Greek city-states, which later rebelled, was? Darius I
At which battle did the Athenian General Themistocles lure the Persian Navy into a trap? Salamis
The Athenians led an alliance of Greek city-states for common defense against the Persians. What was this called? Delian League
The building of the __________ under Pericles enraged members of the Delian League. Parthanon
The ____________ War resulted from the Athenian perceived tyranny over the other members of the Delian League. Peloponnesian
What foreign power regained control of the Ionian city-states following the Peloponnesian War? Persia
He defeated the Persians at the Battle of Gaugemela and established the largest empire the ancient world had ever seen. Alexander The Great
Created by: jeffrey.rhyne