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Ancient Greek Cards

What was an agora? Ancient Greek marketplace
What/who were hoplites? Greek foot soldiers
Civic decisions in Greek city-states were based upon what? Open debate.
What was the name of the runner who the Marathon honors? Pheidippides.
Describe what happened at Thermopylae. 300 Greeks held back the Persians long enough for the rest to reach their ships.
What were the main crops grown by those in Greece? Grain, grapes, and olives.
Why was meat so rare in ancient Greece? They didn't have a lot of farmland.
For the Greeks, taking an active part in civic life became what? Both a duty and a virtue.
Who was the Trojan War fought over? A chick named Helen.
What was the winner of the Olympics crowned with? A wreath of olive leaves.
What is a doric column shaped like? Circular, flat.
What is an ionic column shaped like? A giant "I."
What is a Corinthian column shaped like? Not complete, has branches and leaves on it.
A helot is... ...a slave.
The Dark Ages were a time of what? No written language.
A phalanx, at the time, was what? The most powerful fighting formation in the world.
Who was King Minos? He was the king of the Minoans.
Who was Zeus? He hived on Mount Olympus, he was one of the Olympians and the most powerful god, and he harnessed the Titans.
Who was King Darius? He was the Persian king who started the Persian War.
Who was King Xerxes? He was Darius' son, and continued the Persian War to avenge his father.
Who was Socrates? He was the first great philosopher, and created the Socratic method. He died by hemlock poisoning.
Who was Aristotle? From Athens, he was a student of Plato, and tutored Alexander The Great.
Who was Philip of Macedon? He was Alexander The Great's father, improved the phalanx, and was assassinated by his own men.
Who was Alexander the Great? - Son of Philip - Conquered all of the known world - Hellenism - Shared wealth with troops - Fought with his men - Respected those he captured - Died at 33
Who was Pheidippides? He ran from Marathon to Athens to tell them they were safe...then died of a heart attack.
Who was Salon? Introduced democracy in Athens.
Who was Homer? - Bard - Iliad and Odyssey
Who were le Minoans? - Oldest - Crete - Gender equality - Bull jumping - Indoor plumbing - Tsunami - Advanced
Who were le Mycenaeans? Mainland Bronze Age Greeks.
Who were le Dorians? Less advanced, dispersing out, dark ages.
What was Ionia? Darius trapped Greek businessmen, Persian War started
What was Knosses? Minoan palace city, on Crete
What was Macedonia? Northern Greece, home of Alex
Created by: thomasdonnelly