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Greece Study Guide

Chapter 5

What city was important during the Hellenistic period because it was the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic culture? Alexandria, Egypt
The _______________ of the region caused major difficulties in uniting ancient Greeks under a single government. geography
What term is used today for the art of Athens during the Age of Pericles? classical
Who moved into the Greek world and reigned for about 400 years and left no written record? Dorians
The different regions of Greece were separated by what? mountains
Which regions were conquered by Alexander the Great after he conquered Greece? Persian Empire, Egypt, and the Indus Valley
The Peloponnesian War was fought between what two city-states? Athens and Sparta
Name important city-states of Greece. Athens, Thebes, Sparta, Mycenae
What cultures were represented in the cultural blend of Hellenistic culture? Indian, Persian, Egyptian
What region did Alexander the Great's first victories over the Persians give him control over? Anatolia
What archaeologist discovered the possible remains of ancient Troy? Schliemann
Which sculpture was more realistic and emotional, Hellenistic or classical? Hellenistic
Alexander the Great refused the peace settlement from Darius III because he wanted the entire _____________ Empire. Persian
Alexander the Great learned all that was known in the Greek world from his teacher, ______________. Aristotle
Athens gradually moved toward democracy because of the fear of what? major political upheavals
Under what leader did Athenian democracy increase the number of paid public officials? Pericles
Who dominated Greece first, the Dorians or the Mycenaeans? Mycenaeans
Who dominated Greece second, the Dorians or Macedonians? Dorians
Who dominated Greece third, the Dorians or Macedonians? Macdeonians
What art exhibits balance, proportion, and order? classical art
Who increased the public payroll in Athens? Pericles
Who led the Persian army against the Greeks at Salamis? Xerxes
A military formation that allowed all citizens to participate was the _________. phalanx
The most severe restriction on democracy in Athens under __________________ concerned which members of society were considered citizens. Cleisthenes
____________ is known for introducing political and economic reforms to Athens. Solon
Sparta's government oligarchy
In ancient Greece, a _____________ seized power illegally. tyrant
Persian leader Darius III
King of Macedonia who conquered the Persians. Alexander
Who wrote The Republic, a book that set forth his vision of a perfectly governed society? Plato
Who was condemned to death for "corrupting the youth of Athens" and "neglecting the city's gods"? Socrates
Who won the Peloponnesian War Sparta
More than one third of Athenians, including Pericles, died of __________ during the Peloponnesian War. disease
Mathematician whose work is still the basis of geometry Euclid
Astronomer who arrived at a surprisingly accurate calculation of the earth's circumference. Eratosthenes
Astronomer who argued that the sun was much larger than the earth and that the planets revolve around the sun. Aristarchus
Bronze statue that stood more than 100 feet high Colussus of Rhodes
His warnings of threats posed by foreign armies were ignored by the Greeks Demosthenes
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