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Chapter 12 Vocab

Farmland The Aztecs went to war for this precious resource
Mexico City Modern city on the site of Tenochtitlan
Codices Books made of bark which tell stories of Aztec life
Good Harvest The Aztecs asked their gods for this during religious ceremonies
Tribute A forced payment of goods demanded by the Aztecs
Formal education Aztec boys began formal education at age 10
Montezuma ll Aztec emperor who was taken prisoner by the Spanish and later killed
Sun God This god played a very important role for the Aztecs
Chinampas Floating Aztec gardens
Trepanning Early Incan surgery know as brain surgery
Llama Animal which appears on Incan figurines
Pachacuti Incan ruler who built a great empire including Peru
Machu Picchu Incan city ruins still standing today in the Andes mountains
Chasqui Incan runner who delivered messages in the Incan Empire
Francisco Pizzaro Spanish explorer who conquered the Incan Empire
Quipu Cord with knotted strings which Incans used for counting
Cuzco Incan capital city
Barter System the Incas used for trading goods and services
Nobles Incan class group who ran the government and army
Wool Product used from alpacas and llamas by the Incans
Tenochtitlan An ancient Aztec city founded in A.D. 1325 on a small island in Lake Texcoco
Hernan Cortez A Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec civilization in A.D. 1521
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