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Anne Frank Diary def

The diary of Anne Frank Vocabulary

Sparsely thinly Distributed
Rucksack Knapsack or backpack
Blackout no visible light
Compassionate deep sympathy
Capitulation surrender
portly large heavy
conspicuous noticeable
reserved keeping thoughts to oneself
mercurial changeable
loath hate
Intolerable/Insufferable Unbearable
coeducational boys and girls in an education setting
scoffingly sarcastically
Meticulous detail-oriented
deport forcibly sent away
subdued controled
Fatalist a person who belives in fate
sustenance food, necessities
ostentatiously exaggerated
Hysterically uncontrolled emotions
appalled horrified, shocked
disgruntled Annoyed
onslaught attack
foreboding feeling something bad will happen
pretense a false claim
animation livliness
intuition knowing without reasoning
guantlet continue while being attacked from both sides
convulsive violent fit
liberated released
remorse deep feeling of guilt
ineffectually not able to produce the desired effect
purgatory temporary state of punishment
Created by: John.spangler