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1st 9 weeks final

Classical China and India

During what classical Indian empire did India's Golden age occur? The Gupta Empire
What Religion did Ashoka convert to? Buddhism
Bad acts are discouraged in Hinduism due to the belief of Karma. What is Karma? How a person lives their lives affects them in the next life
Which philosophical text from India is similar to the Analects, in regards to how they were both written by multiple authors The Vedas
In the book the Upanishads they believe that all humans have a Soul- Atman
What caste system was the founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama born into? Kshatriyas
What is Nirvana? Nirvana is a spiritual independence
How can you reach Nirvana? following the four noble truths, the 8 fold path, and Dharma
Ashoka carved laws through out the Mauryan empire, what were they referred to as? Rock Edicts
After the death of Ashoka, his successors did what? Charged heavy taxes
What role does Jati play in the Verna? It determines their roles in society and limits their social mobility between castes
According to Hinduism Moksha was not possible for the untouchables because___________ Untouchables were said to have no soul/
How does Hinduism restrict people in their caste? It limits their social mobility by means of religious justification
What is the name of the main god in Hinduism? Brahma
According the the 4 noble truths in Buddhism how do you stop suffering? by ridding yourself of desire
By the Buddha rejecting the Hindu caste system, it allowed _______________ everyone to practice.
Confucianism is considered a ______________ Philosophy/Political Philosophy
How were government jobs appointed during the Pax Sinica? through he use of the civil service exam
The glorius Han's major trade route was the __________ silk road
Confucius words were recorded by his students. All of his sayings were made into what? Four books but the most famous was the Analects
What were the major Economic achievements of the Han Dynasty? Canal projects, silk road, water powered mills, monopolies on Iron, silk and salt
Why did potential bureaucrats have to take a civil service exam during the Han dynasty? the Han dynasty wanted talented, intelligent people to hold government jobs and not rely on family influence
What Chinese Belief system was incorporated into China's civil service exams? Confucianism
The concept of respecting one's elders and ancestors in Confucianism is known as what? Filial Piety
What's the difference between the zhou and Qin's government? Zhou- decentralized Qin- Centralized
Daoist's believed that ambition and activism caused____________ Chaos in the world
Why do Daoist say there is no " good" or "bad" in nature? because they believe that everything in nature is whole and perfect
Why was the unification of China under Qin beneficial in Classical China's development? Standardization of weights and measures, currency, laws and written script
What did Han Wudi establish for training bureaucrats? Confucian educational system
What brought the end of the Period of the Warring states? Legalism
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