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Historical Thinking

Unit 1 Vocabulary

Analyze to examine in detail and study closely.
Inference a conclusion that is made based on known facts and evidence as well as reasoning
Pattern some characteristic, trait, or quality that is consistently repeated
Generalization a conclusion made based on some knowledge
Claim an argument or assertion about what is true or about what should be done or believed.
Evidence something that proves your claim
Primary Source an original source like a document or artifact used to learn about the past that was created during the time period and offer firsthand information
Secondary Source a document or object used to learn about the past and that was created after the time period that is being studied and not by someone who participated or experienced the particular event.
Artifact any man made, physical object that tells us about the past
Physical feature this is something that is nature-made like a mountain or a river
Human feature this is something that is man made like a dam, or a road, or a building
Timeline a linear representation of events in the order in which they occurred in chronological order
Chronology the arrangement of events in the order in which they occurred.
Turning Point an event that occurs that has significant impact and decisive change on society
Content subject, topic, or more specifically--what it's about
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