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Ancient China

Ancient China Mr. Metz World History

clan Group of families with common ancestors
mandate of heaven The divine right to rule
loess Fine, windblown yellow soil
dynastic cycle Rise and fall of dynasties according to the Mandate of Heaven
Confucius Chinese philosopher who taught how to govern and Five key relationships
Shi Huangdi The First Emperor.
Filial Piety Respect for parents
Civil service system Finding well educated scholars to run the government had to pass this test influenced by Confucian ideas. Was around for almost 2000 years
acupuncture medical treatment in which needles are inserted under the skin at specific points to relieve pain or treat various ailments
silk road Trade route from China to the Middle East
Great Wall Protected the Chinese people from barbarians and kept Chinese people in their land
oracle bone Ancient Chinese predictions and history are found on these
Yangzi The longest river in Asia
Huang He A river in China prone to flooding that is named because of the loess
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