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World History & You

Ch. 4 Other People of the Ancient Middle East

Mediterranean Sea A sea surrounded by africa, Europe, and Asia.
Phoencians a member of a Semitic people inhabiting ancient Phoenicia and its colonies.
Jews one of a scattered group of people that traces its descent from the Biblical Hebrews or from postexilic adherents of Judaism
Persians of or relating to ancient and recent Persia
Alphabet the letters of a language
Palestine Also called Holy Land. Biblical name Canaan. an ancient country in SW Asia
Israel a republic in SW Asia, on the Mediterranean: formed as a Jewish state May 1948
Religion a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances.
Judaism belief in and conformity to this religion, its practices, and ceremonies.
Moses the Hebrew prophet who led the Israelites out of Egypt and delivered the Law during their years of wandering in the wilderness.
Desert a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all
Ten Commandments the precepts spoken by God to Israel, delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai
Bible the collection of sacred writings of the Christian religion
Old Testament the first of the two main divisions of the Christian Bible
Europe a continent in the W part of the landmass lying between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains on the E and the Caucasus Mountains and the Black and Caspian seas on the SE
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