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wOrLd gEh0e

population !

Migration the movement of people from place to place
birthrate the number of births per year for every 1,000 people
death rate the number of deaths per year for every 1,000 people
natural increase the growth rate of a population + the difference between an area's birthrate and death rate
doubling time the number of years it takes for a population to double in size
demographic transition uses birth rates and death rates to show how populations in regions and countries can change over time
stage 1 death rates are very high due to lack of medical knowledge, infectious diseases, and food shortages (a balance between birthrates and death rates)
stage 2 increased pop. the declining of death rate is bc technology, new farming techniques, n improved health care (high birthrate and decline in death rate)
stage 3 birthrates and death rates decline bc social changes, urbanization, and increased opportunities 4 women.
stage 4 lowww birthrates n death rates. population declines and grows older
population density the average number of people living on a square mile
population distribution the variations in population that occur across a country, a continent, or the world
cultural hearths mesopotamia, indus river valley, nile river valley, huang he river, + southern mexico
language the one cultural element least likely to change during your lifetime
expansion diffusion when the idea spreads by moving through a population or society from its core and expanding into new geographic realms
types of expansion diffusion contagious: when the idea spreads by moving through a population or society from its core and expanding into new geogrqphic realms like the flu.
transculturation an exchange of ideas that goes both ways in borrowing ideas from one another
acculturation when a dominqant culture iomposes one or more of its cultural traits
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