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Chapter 7 & 8


Who had a vision in which he was told to conquer by the cross? Constantine
The most severe persecution of Christianity occurred during the reign of? Diocletian
Who was the nephew of Julius Caesar? Augustus
What was one accomplishment of Rome? roads
What empire expanded from the Po River to Western Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa? Roman
According to legend, who founded Rome? Remus
In ancient Rome who were the common people? Plebians
Who crossed the Alps with African war elephants to attack Rome? Hannibal
Who were some of the first people to inhabit the area of Rome? Etruscans
What city did Mt. Vesuvius destroy when in erupted? Pompeii
What important figure was born during Octavian's rule? Jesus
What was the language of Rome? Latin
Who were the fierce people from Asia who invaded eastern Europe in 372? Huns
Who was the first Roman Emperor to persecute Christians? Nero
Who was emperor during the time of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection? Tiberius
Created by: casiw