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Combining Forms

white mode Exam review

aminiocentesis surgical puncture of the aminiotic sac
anteversion turning before
cervicitis inflammation of cervix
colposcopy visual examination of the vagina
dysmenorrhea condition of painful menses
dystocia labour that is painful
endometrial p2 within the uterus
endometrilitis inflammation within the uterus
galactopoieses production of milk
gynecologist specialist in the study of females
hemosalphinx blood in the fallopian tubes
hysterectomy excision of the uterus
lactogen production of milk
mammogram xray of the breast
mastopexy fixation of the breast
menarche beginning of menses
menorrhagia bursting forth of menses
metroptosis prolapse of the uterus
multigravada multiple pregnancies
multipara multiple births
nullipara no live births
oophoroma tumor of the ovary
ovariorrhexis rupture of the ovary
perineorrhapy suture of the perineum
postnatal p2 after birth
prenatal p2 before birth
primigravida first pregnancy
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
retroversion turning behind
salpingoplasty surgical repair of the fallopian tubes
uterovaginal p2 uterus and vagina
hypospadias fissure under
epispadia upon fissure
crytorchidism condition of hidden testes
oligospermatism condition of scanty sperm cells
atestism condition without testes
gonadopathy disease of the sex glands
orchioptosis downward displacement of the testes
prostatomegaly enlargement of the prostate gland
spermigen forming of sperm cells
epididymisotomy incision of the epididymis
vesiculitis inflammation of the seminal vesicles
orchitis inflammation of the testes
spermocide killing sperm cells
testalgia pain in testes
spermal, spermatic p2 to sperm cells
androgenic p2 forming male
genitourinary p2 the genitalia and urinary tract
perinial p2 to the pertineum
vasectomy excision of the vas deferens
balanoplasty surgical repair of the glands penis
variococele swelling of the dilated vein
lithosis abnormal condition of the calculi
hypokalemia blood condition of deficient potassium
azotemia blood condition of nitrogeneous compounds
lithotripsy crushing of a stone
ureterctasis dilation of the ureter
glomerulopathy disease of the glomerulus
nephropexy fixation of a kidney
pyorrhea flow of pus
lithogen formation of a stone
cystocele hernia of the bladder
meatotomy incision of the meatus
cystoscope instrument of visual examination of the bladder
polyuria much urine
nephral p2 the bladder
renal p2 the bladder
urethrostenosis narrowing of the urethra
peritoneal p2 to perioneum
albuminoid resembling albumin
dialysis separation across
urolith stone in the urinary tract
lithuria stone in the urinary tract
pyeloplasty surgical repair of the renal pelvis
nocturia urine at night
bacteriuria bacteria in the urine
keturia ketones in the urine
oliguria scanty urine
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