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guided age test

who was a great military leader whose presidency foundered in corruption and political ineptitude? Grant
what was the symbol of the republican political tactic attacking democrats with reminders of the civil war. Bloody Shirt
Financers jim fisk and jay gould tried to get the grant administration involved with what corrupt scheme? cornering the gold market
who was a bold and unprincipled financiers who's plot to corner the gold market nearly succeeded in 1869? FIsk
what finally brought boss tweeds widespread corruption to halt? New york times and Cartoonist Nast
who was the heavy weight new york political boss whose widedspread fraud landed him in jail in 1871? Boss Tweed
which scandal involved railroad corporation fraud and the subsequent bribery of congressmen? credit mobilier
what was grants greatest failing in the scandals that plagued his administration? toleration of corruption and loyalty to crooked friends
who was a colorful, cranky newsletter editor who carried the liberal republican and democratic banners against Grant in 1872? greeley
what was the third party that backed harare greeley against grant in the election of 1872? liberal republican party
who was the wealthy new york financier who's ban collapsed in 1873, setting off an economic depression? Cooke
the depression of the 1870s led to increasing demand for what? inflation of the money supply by issuing more paper currency
for what did the westerners and farmers who attacked the crime of 73 call? coinage of more silver money to stop deflation
who was the congressional co author of an 1878 act that empowered the treasury to mint limited amounts of silver? Bland
what was Mark Twains sarcastic name for the post civil war era which emphasized its atmosphere of greed and corruption? Guilded AGe
how was the political system of the gilded age generally characterized? 1) stage party loyalties 2) high voter turnout 3) few disagreements on national issues
what was the primary goal for which all factions in both political parties contended? patronage
what was the civil war veterans organization that became a potent political bulwark of the republican party in the late 19th centry? Grand Army and Republic
who was the imperious New York senator and leader of the stalwart faction of republicans? Conkling
who was the winner of a contested election in 1876 who presided over the end of reconstruction and a sharp economic downturn? Hayes
what was the republican party faction, led by senator roscoe conkling that opposed all attempts at civil service reform? stalwarts
which republican party faction, led by james g. Blaine gave lukewarm support to the civil service idea while still battling for patronage and spoils? half-breeds
what was the complex political agreement between republicans and democrats that resolved the bitterly disputed election of 1876 Compromise of 1877
what was the key tradeoff featured in the compromise of 1877 republican gets presidency and removal of federal troops
what systems enabled storekeepers to extended credit on small farmers crops and thus keep them permanently in dept? crop-lean system
what changes affected blacks in the south after federal troops were withdrawn in the compromise of 1877? literacy requirements
what is the term for the racial segregation laws imposed in the 1890s jim crow
what did the supreme courts ruling poesy vs ferguson upholding separate but equal public facilities in effect legalized? segregation of the races
who was the irish born leader of the anti chinese movement in california? Kearney
which asian immigrant group experienced discrimination on the west coast? chinese
why did the first chines immigrants come to the us primarily? gold fields and railroads
what did the great railroad strike of 1877 reveal? growing thread of class warfare
what soft money third party polled over a million votes and elected fourteen congressmen in 1878 by advocation inflation? greenback labor party
who was the president whose assassination after only a few month in office spurred the passage of civil service law? Garfield
what system of choosing federal employees on the basis of merit rather than patronage was introduced by the pendleton act of 1883? civil service
who was the charming but corrupt half breed republican senator and presidential nominee in 1884? Blaine
who was the first democratic president since the civil war, defender of laissez faire economics and low tariffs? cleveland
who were the republican clean government advocates who supported democrat cleveland in 1884 because of the corruption of republican nominee Blaine? mugwumps
what was the nasty RRR able attached to the demo party by rep. speaker in the election of 1844 Rum Romanicsm REbellion
who was the presidential grandson of another president who defeated cleveland by backing high tariffs? B. Harrison
who was the british ambassador whose pro cleveland advocacy during the election of 1888 got him expelled from the us? sackville- west
describe the person who assassinated president james garfield? menatlly, unstable, disapointed office speaker
Created by: ashbyb