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Ch. 2-Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia, Babylon, Assyria, Israel

In which area did one of the first civilizations settle? a land between two rivers (Mesopotamia)
What best describes the first Mesopotamians? farmers
Which reason was why people settled in southern Mesopotamia? plenty of fresh water
How did early people in Mesopotamia make farming successful? They irrigated their crops.
Which technology was developed by the peoples of Mesopotamia? a system of writing
What advantage was there to cuneiform writing over picture writing? It was simpler
How did the Sumerians advance their civilization? They developed writing, religion, and technology
Who ruled the kingdom of Babylonia and created a code of laws by which to live? Hammurabi
What was the overall purpose of the Code of Hammurabi? to protect the people
What was the principal difference between the Assyrian and Babylonia cultures? The Assyrians placed a higher value on war and conquest
What describes the Kingdom of Babylon under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar II? great and glorious
What did Abraham agree to practice when he made the covenant with God? monotheism
What kingdom did King David form by uniting the Hebrew tribes? Israel
For what purpose was Solomon's Temple built? to house the Torah
What effect did the Phoenicians' trading have on the world? Goods and ideas were spread.
What contribution of the Lydians still exist today? coins
Why was farming a challenge in Mesopotamia, and how did the people overcome it? Little rainfall and irrigation
What was the difference between the Ten Commandments and other codes of laws? Morals and punishments
Why did Israel split after King Solomon's death? Other rulers took over
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