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Ancient Egypt

Small villages settled along the Nile River in Ancient Egypt were called __________. Nomes
The stone tablet that was translated by Jean Champollion was the key to understanding _________________. Rosetta Stone
Who united Upper and Lower Egypt circa 3100 BC and claimed the title Pharaoh? Menes
Who commissioned the building of the stepped pyramid at Saquarra? Djoser
Name the Vizier and Engineer who designed the Stepped Pyramid. Imhotep
Who was responsible for the Great Pyramids at Giza? Khufu
_____________ translates as “great house”. Pharoah
The Middle Kingdom was brought to an end due to the invasion of the __________ circa 1652 BC. Hyksos
Which Pharaoh tried to abolish the traditional polytheistic religion of Egypt by requiring only the worship of Aton? Akhenaton
Which archaeologist excavated the tomb of Tutankhamen? Howard Carter
After Caesars death, which Roman allied with Cleopatra and named her son the heir to Rome? Marc Antony
What, for ancient Egyptians, was worshiped as a god second only to Ra, and called "the giver of life"? The Nile
Most New Kingdom Pharaoh's were buried where? The Valley of the Kings
Which Pharaoh ruled through most of the 1200's BC, he is regarded by many as the greatest Pharaoh and may have been the Pharaoh the Bible records in the book of Exodus. Ramesses II
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