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Ancient River Valley

River Valley Civilizations

Nomads People without a permanent home who follow the food
Neolithic Revolution The New Stone Age and the beginnings of Agriculture
Domestication The taming of animals and plants...growing your own food from plants you cultivate and animals you raise
Hunter Gatherers people who have to hunt game and find fruits, vegetables, and nuts that grow in the wild because they do not farm
How did the development farming impact the supply of food? A surplus was created which enabled a division of labor
Ziggurat pyramid-shaped temple in Mesopotamia
Polytheism worship of many gods
Mohenjo-Dara and Harrappa 2 Important Indus River Valley Civilizations
Hinduism A polytheistic religion with its beginnings in the Indus River Valley, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are important gods
Dharma In Hinduism it means a persons duty
Kharma In Hinduism, it is what you receive for your actions in the present life
Caste System A Hindu Social Structure with the Brahmins at the top and the Untouchables at the bottom
The Vedas Hindu Religious Texts
Dynasty The passing of the right to rule down the bloodline usually from father to son
Xia According to oral tradition, this was the legendary 1st dynasty of China ruled by Emperor Yu "The Engineer"
The Mandate of Heaven The idea in ancient China that as long as the Emperor rules in a good way, his dynasty will continue; however, if the emperor is evil, heaven will take away his dynasty's continuation
By domesticating Plants and Animals, not everyone had to produce food and new jobs were created. What is this called? Division of Labor or task specialization
Specialization of labor resulted from a food ____________. Surplus
Rich soil deposited by the foods in the river valleys is called? Silt
The ancient Sumerian writing is called? Cuneiform
Ancient Egyptian writing is called ? Heiroglyphics
One of the oldest Code of Laws developed in ancient Mesopotamia around the 1800's BC....what Kings name does it bear? Hammurabi
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