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Ren & Reformation

What encouraged overseas trade in Italy? Crusades
While the rest of Europe was still very rural, Northern Italy was Urban
How did the Medici family gain their wealth? banking
How would you describe Cosimo de Medici's wealth compared to the rest of Europe? wealthiest
What did Cosimo de Medici give to the council in order to gain control of Florence's government? loans
How long did Cosimo de Medici stay in control of Florence's government? 30 years
The dome of St. Peter’s, Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the statue of David were the greatest works of who? Michelangelo.
The paintings Mona Lisa and the Last Supper were the greatest works of who? Leonardo
Who wrote using backwards handwriting in his famous notebook? Leonardo
Who was famous for his use of perspective? Raphael
Who's greatest works include the School of Athens and paintings of Michelangelo, Leonardo and himself? Raphael
The first woman artist to gain an international reputation. Greatest works include paintings of her sisters, King Philip of Spain Anguissola
This artist painted pictures of strong, heroic women Gentileschi
Who wrote Sonnets that were all about a mysterious woman names Laura who was his ideal. Petrarch:
A 14 line poem Sonnet
Who wrote Decameron, which were stories told by young people waiting in a rural village to avoid the plague Boccaccio
Who wrote the famous book "The Prince" Machiavelli:
The end of the which plague allowed many cities to grow rapidly.? Bubonic Plague
The end of the which war allowed many cities to grow rapidly? Hundred Years War
What caused merchants in Flanders to became wealthy? trade and cloth
Rulers in which two countries began to support the artist heavily? France and England
In 1494 a French King invaded which region causing many artist to escape to northern Europe Southern Italy
What did Martin Luther suggest that Christians should do to the pope? remove him
In 1520, what did the pope threaten to do to Martin Luther unless he took back his statements? excommunicate
What did the Edict of Worms forbid people to give Martin Luther? food and shelter
What did the Edict of Worms tell all the people to burn? Martin Luther's books
What did the peasants raid and burn when they demanded an end to serfdom? monasteries and villages
What how Martin Luther tell the princes to react when peasants began to revolt? show no mercy
How many peasants died when princes fought back against the peasants that were revolting? one hundred thousand
How did the peasants feel when German princes fought back and killed so many of them at the request of Martin Luther? betrayed
What did German princes see Martin Luther's beliefs to do? seize church property
Created by: Domingue