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Mod. World Civ. Ch.1

Renaissance "rebirth", in this case means the revival of art and learning
humanism Focused on human achievements and potential
secular Concerned with the here and now and became more "worldly"
patron People who paid artists to help them in their work
perspective Shows 3 dimensions on a flat surface
vernacular Native language
utopia means "no place", an imaginary place where everything is perfect
William Shakespeare The most famous playwright in the 16th-17th century
Johann Gutenberg A craftsman from Germany who developed the printing press
indulgence a pardon for a sinner where he does not have to suffer the tasks.
reformation a movement for religious reform
lutheran Charles Luther made this group of people so they could feel more independent
protestant someone who was not a Roman Catholic
peace of augsburg a pact where each lord or prince would decide the religion of his claimed area
annul to lay aside a marriage if it had not been legal in the first place.
Anglican English (England)
predestination John Calvin's description on who will go to heaven and that God knew who would go since the beginning of time
calvinism the religion based on John Calvin's teachings
theocracy a government controlled by religious leaders
presbyterian followers of John Knox who also follow calvin's teachings
anabaptist people who were baptized twice
catholic reformation reforming the catholic church
Jesuits people who built schools, spread catholicism and stopped the spread of protestantism
council of trent a meeting place in northern italy for church leaders
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