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Standard 6-1.3

Where is Mesopotamia located? Between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What does Mesopotamia mean in Greek? Land Between the Rivers
Fertile Crescent A large arc of rich, or fertile, farmland
First major city in Mesopotamia Sumer
Priests People who performed religious ceremonies
Who ran cities under normal circumstances? Priests
Who ran cities during war time? Military leaders
Dynasty A series of rulers from the same family
Hammurabi's Code A set of 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of daily life
Why was Hammurabi's Code important? Social class mattered in laws; written down so everyone could see
Sumerian Achievements in Art and Architecture Invented the wheel, sail, and plow First to use bronze Developed basic math and geometry for construction Developed number system based on 60
Cultural Diffusion The process in which a new idea, or product, spreads from one culture to another
City-State A city and all of the countryside that surrounds it
Empire Land with different territories and peoples under a single rule
Sargon 1st ruler to have a permanent army Created the world's first empire; became world's first emperor
Cuneiform The world's first system of writing
How did cuneiform work? Used sharp tools called styluses Made wedge shapes in clay tablets
Pictographs Picture symbols
Polytheism Worship of many gods
What are social classes? Society is divided into groups based on occupation (job), or wealth (amount of money you make)
Why are most social classes divided into pyramids? A pyramid can show the size based on the number of people in each level
What was the social order for Sumer? 1st Level - Kings, priests, and extremely wealthy 2nd Level - Wealthy merchants 3rd Level - Farmers and common people 4th Level - Slaves
Created by: NYongue