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FMoR Vocab 1-5

Famous Men of Rome Chs. 1 to 5: The Monarchy

petty trivial, unimportant
scornfully with contempt
seize to grab
submit to yield to another's authority
perish to end, die
plunder to take goods by force
adjacent next to
simpleton fool, unintelligent person
feeble weak
resolute resolved, determined
avenge to take revenge
treason act of disloyalty towards one's country
melancholy sad, depressed
eloquence beautiful, impressive speech
banish to cast out
quarrel to argue, disagree
refuge place that is protected, safe
penance act of self-punishment for sin
degraded to decrease in rank
induce to persuade
haste speed
prosperous wealthy, successful
descendant relative living after a person
statuary sculptures
contented satisfied
reign period of rule
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