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Moses Miamonides - died 1204 AD - philosopher/prophet - lead the Iraelites from slavery - endangered as an infant by evil forces - raised by the daughter of an Eyptian
Tanaka - Jewish bible - 3 sections - Torah, Prophets, and Writings
One Way Covenant God's promise to the people
Two Way Covenant If then, man's responsibility or be cursed
Adam & Eve - do not eat from the tree of knowledge - have kids that murder each other
Noah - 3 sons - builds an ark and floods the earth
Abraham - father of many nations - remove foreskin - ordered to kill his son, Isaac, but kills ram instead - promised name, land, and people
Solomon - 1st king - peace maker, multiple wives, wisest person, gold
David - 2nd king - followed all of God's orders
Passover - 15th March - April - last eight days - eats lamb, bread, and bitter herbs
Exodus - Israelities were freed from slavery
Split of Kingdom Fall of North and South
Fall of North - built temples of false Gods - God raised an army to fight Israel - Tiglath-Palezer III gave diseases from animals - Cannablism - meat hooks, dragged across desert
Fall of South Relaxed
Orthodox - Conservative to Moses - Living back with Moses - Kosher diet - Hebrew language in service - Men and women sit in different sects - Sabbath
Hasidic - Sub Category of Orthodox - Mystics - Dress Omish - YHWH is talking to them
Reformed - Liberal - More relaxed - Women and men sit together
721 Fall of North
586 Fall of South
1446 BC Exodus



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