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history of medicine

dissected dead human bodies. andres vesalius
started observing the heart. realized that the heart pumped blood in a circular motion william harvey
he discovered that there are different blood types. this helped to know which blood were compatible. this made blood transplant effective karl landstainer
discovered anesthesia crawford long, dr. william morton, horace wells
discovered the x-rays wilhem roentgen
realized that the reason the mothers died was because of bacteria on the hands but this theory was not yet excepted ignaz semmeleweis
proved through experiments that different bacteria caused different diseases louis pasteur
studied on how to stop the small pox disease; this ended with the discovery of vaccines. edward jenner
vitamins, nutrients, and diets (eating what is healthy for the body) sir federick gowland hopkins
organ transplant joseph murray
sulfa drug, could cure and prevent infections gerhard domagk
discovered insulin to control diabetes Frederick Banting, Charles H. Best
discovered cancer causing genes are already in our DNA and that outside chemicals can make the cancer gene act and spread michael bishop, harold varmus
discovered that HIV is a retro virus and therapy is possible but no cure yet. luk montagnier & robert gallo
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