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Medical Terminology

Roots, prefixes, suffixes and Abbreviations

Root: Adip/o Fat
Root: lip/o Fat
Root: steat/o Fat
Root: axill/o Armpit
Root: bi/o Life
Root: cephal/o Head
Root: cervic/o Neck
Root: cyt/o Cell
Root: hist/o Tissue
Root: histi/o Tissue
Root: path/o Disease
Root: viscer/o Internal Organs
Root: cili/o Hair
Root: pil/o Hair
Root: derm/o Skin
Root: dermat/o Skin
Root: cutane/o Skin
Root: onych/o Nail
Root: ungu/o Nail
Root: arthr/o Joint
Root: chondr/o Cartilage
Root: crani/o Skull
Root: Cost/o Rib
Root: myel/o Bone Marrow (also means spinal chord)
Root: oste/o Bone
Root: pelvi/i Pelvis
Root: Spin/o Spine;Spinal (vertebral) column; backbone
Root: vertebr/o Vertebra
Root: spondyl/o Vertebra
Root: my/o Muscle
Root: muscul/o Muscle
Root: tend/o Tendon
Root: tendin/o Tendon
Root: blephor/o Eyelid
Root: cerebr/o Brain
Root: encephal/o Brain
Root: neur/o Nerve
Root: ophthalm/o Eye
Root: ocul/o Eye
Root: ot/o Ear
Root: aden/o Gland
Root: adren/o Adrenal gland
Root: parathyroid/o Parathyroid gland
Root: pituitar/o Pituitary gland
Root: thyroid/o Thyroid gland
Root: angi/o Blood vessel
Root: vascul/o Blood vessel
Root: vas/o Blood vessel
Root: arteri/o Artery
Root: cardi/o Heart
Root: hem/o Blood
Root: hemat/o Blood
Root: ven/o Vein
Root: phleb/o Vein
Root: adenoid/o Adenoids
Root: lymph/o Lymph (clear, watery fluid)
Root: lymphaden/o Lymph glands; Lymph nodes
Root: lymphangi/o Lymph vessels
Root: splen/o Spleen
Root: tonsill/o Tonsils
Root: aveol/o Air sac; alveolus
Root: bronch/o Bronchus
Root: bronchi/o Bronchus
Root: bronchiol/o Small bronchial tubes
Root: laryng/o Voice box; larynx
Root: nas/o Nose
Root: rhin/o Nose
Root: pharyng/o Throat; pharynx
Root: phren/o Diaphragm
Root: pneum/o Lungs
Root: pneumon/o Lungs
Root: pulmon/o Lungs
Root: thorac/o Chest
Root: trache/o Windpipe; trachea
Root: abdomin/o Abdomen
Root: cheil/o Lips
Root: col/o Large intestines; colon
Root: enter/o Small intestines
Root: esophag/o Esophagus
Root: gastr/o Stomach
Root: gloss/o Tongue
Root: lingu/o Tongue
Root: hepat/o Liver
Root: or/o Mouth
Root: stomat/o Mouth
Root: rect/o Rectum
Root: cyst/o Bladder
Root: ren/o Kidneys
Root: nephr/o Kidneys
Root: ureter/o Ureters
Root: urethr/o Urethra
Root: epididym/o Epididymis
Root: orchid/o Testicle; testis
Root: test/o Testicle; testis
Root: testicul/o Testicle;testis
Root: phall/o Penis
Root: prostat/o Prostate gland
Root: vas/o Ductus deferens
Root: colp/o Vagina
Root: vagin/o Vagina
Root: gynec/o Female
Root: mast/o Breast
Root: mamm/o Breast
Root: oophor/o Ovary
Root: ovari/o Ovary
Root: salping/o Fallopian tubes; uterine tubes
Root: uter/o Uterus
Root: hyster/o Uterus
Root: metr/o Uterus
Root: vulv/o Vulva; External genitalia
Root: acr/o Top; extermities
Root: carcin/o Cancer
Root: don/o Donates
Root: fluor/o Luminous
Root: glyc/o Sugar
Root: Pharmac/o Drug
Root: physi/o Nature
Root: practition/o Practice
Root: sect/o Cut
Prefix: micro- Small
Suffix: -algia Pain
Suffix: -cele Hernia
Suffix: -dynia Pain
Suffix: -emesis Vomiting
Suffix: -emia Blood Condition
Suffix: -ia State of; Condition
Suffix: -itis Inflammation
Suffix: -lysis Destruction; Separation; breakdown
Suffix: -malacia Softening
Suffix: -megaly Enlargement
Suffix: -oma Tumor; mass
Suffix: -osis Abnormal condition
Suffix: -pathy Disease Process
Suffix: -penia Decrease, deficiency
Suffix: -phobia Irrational fear
Suffix: -ptosis Downward displacement; drooping;prolapse; sagging
Suffix: -ptysis Spitting
Suffix: -rrhage Bursting forth
Suffix: -rrhagia Bursting Forth
Suffix:-rrhea Flow; discharge
Suffix: -rrhexis Rupture
Suffix: -sclerosis Hardening
Suffix: -spasm Sudden, involuntary contraction
Suffix: -stenosis Narrowing; stricture
Suffix: -y Process
Suffix: -gram Record; Writing
Suffix: -graph Instrument used to record
Suffix: -graphy Process of recording; producing images
Suffix: -meter Instrument used to measure; process of measuring
Suffix: -metry To measure; measurement
Suffix: -opsy To view
Suffix: -scope Instrument used to visually examine (a body cavity or organ)
Suffix: -scopy Process of visually examining (a body cavity or organ)
Suffix: -centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
Suffix: -desis Surgical binding: Surgical fusion
Suffix: -ectomy Excision; surgical removal
Suffix: -pexy Surgical fixation
Suffix: -plasty Surgical reconstruction; surgical repair
Suffix: -rrhaphy Suture; sew
Suffix: -stasis Stoppage; stopping; controlling
Suffix: -stomy New opening; artificial opening
Suffix: -tome Instrument used to cut
Suffix: -tomy Process of cutting; incision
Suffix: -cyte Cell
Suffix: -er Specialist
Suffix: -ician Specialist
Suffix: -logist Specialist
Suffix: -ist Specialist
Suffix: -ion Process
Suffix: -logy Study of; process of study
Suffix: -or One who; person or thing that does something
Suffix: -plasia Formation;development
Suffix: -poiesis Production;manufacture; formation
Suffix: -genic Produced by; producing
Suffix: -oid Resembling
Suffix: -ole Small
Suffix: -ule Small
Suffix: -ac Pertaining to
Suffix: -al Pertaining to
Suffix: -ary Pertaining to
Suffix: -eal Pertaining to
Suffix: -ic Pertaining to
Suffix: -ous Pertaining to
Root: Cellul/o Cell
Root: Cis/o to cut
Root: Comat/o deep sleep
Root: Digest/o Digestion
Root: Duct/o To Draw
Root: Later/o Side; lateral
Root: Nat/o Birth
Root: Sept/o Infection
Son/o Sound
Suffix: aise Ease
Suffix -ar Pertaining to
Suffix -cuspid Projection;cusps
Suffix: -drome to run
Suffix: -form shape;form
Suffix: -genous produced by
Suffix: -gnosis Knowledge
Suffix: -mortem Death
Suffix: -plasm development; formation
Suffix: -plegia Paralysis
Suffix: -version Turning; tilting
Prefix: Ab- Away from
Prefix: Ad- Toward
Prefix: Ante- before
Prefix: Circum- Around
Prefix: Dia- Through; complete
Prefix: Ecto- Outside
Prefix: Endo- Within
Prefix: Epi- Upon; on; above
Prefix: E- Out; outward ; outside
Root: Anter/o Front
Root: Caud/o Tail
Root: Dors/o Back
Root: Infer/o Inferior
Root: Inguin/o Groin
Root: Medi/o Middle
Root: Phren/o Diaphragm
Root: Poster/o Posterior
Root: Proxim/o Near
Root: Super/o Superior
Root: Ventr/o Front
Root: Ili/o Hip
Abbreviation: LLQ Left lower quadrant
Abbreviation: LUQ Left upper Quandrant
Abbreviation: RLQ Right Lower Quadrant
Abbriviation: RUQ Right upper Quadrant.
Root: Cry/o Cold
Root: Leuk/o White
Root: papill/o nipple-like
Root: Scler/o hardening
Root: Xer/o Dry
Suffix: -ism Process
Suffix: -ium Structure
Suffix: -um Structure
Suffix: -sis State of; condition
Root: Albin/o White
Root: Cyan/o Blue
Root: Diaphor/e Profuse Sweating
Root: Epitheli/o Covering
Root: Erythemat/o Red
Root: Erythr/o Red
Root: hidr/o Sweat
Root: Kerat/o Hard; hornlike
Root: Keratin/o Hard; hornlike
Root: melan/o Black
Root: Myc/o Fungus
Root: Necr/o Death
Root: Py/o Pus
Root: Ras/o Scrape
Root: Rhytid/o Wrinkle
Root: Seb/o Sebum
Root: Steat/o Fat
Suffix: -dermis Skin
Suffix: -derma Skin
Suffix: -oma Tumor;Mass
Suffix: -therapy Treatment
Prefix: Derma- Skin
Rhytidectomy Face lift
Blepharoplasty Correct drooping upper eyelids
Adominoplasty Tummy tuck
Debriment removal of burned skin
Abbreviation: bx Biopsy
Abbreviation: SC Subcutaneous
Abbreviation: Subq Subcutaneous
Abbreviation: Subcut Subcutaneous
Abbreviation: UV Ultraviolet
Root: Kyph/o Humpback
Root: Lord/o Swayback
Root: Ped/o Child
Root: Scoli/o Curved
Root: Tempor/o Temporal bone
Suffix: -porosis Porous
Root: Mandibul/o Mandible; lower jaw
Root: Maxill/o Maxilla; upper jaw
Root: Chondr/o Cartilage
Root: Stern/o Sternum; breastbone
Root: Xiph/o Sword
Xiphoid Distal portion of the sternum
Root: Coccyg/o Coccyx;tailbone
Root: Lumb/o Lower back' loins
Root: Sacr/o Sacrum
Root: Spondyl/o Vertebra
Root: Clavicul/o Clavicle; collarbone
Root: Scapul/o Scapula
Root: Brachi/o Arm
Root: Carp/o Wrist
Root: olecran/o Olecranon (elbow)
Root: Phalang/o Phalanx: one of the bones making up the fingers or toes
Root: Radi/o Radius
Root: Uln/o The Ulna
Root: Acetabul/o Acetabulum; hip socket
Root: Ili/o Hip
Root: Calcane/o Heel
Root: Femor/o Femur; thigh bone
Root: fibul/o Fibula
Root: Patell/a Kneecap; patella
Root: Patell/o Patella; Kneecap
Root: Tibi/o Tibia; shin
Root: Arthr/o Joint
Root: Articul/o Joint
Root: Burs/o Bursa
Suffix: -blast Immature
Suffix: -centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid; aspiration
Suffix: -clasis Surgical fracture or refracture
Suffix: -clast Breakdown
Suffix: -desis Surgical fusion; surgical binding
Suffix: -genesis Formation
Suffix: -physis To grow
Suffix: -porosis Pourous
Suffix: -sarcoma Malignant tumor of connective tissue
Prefix: Ortho- Straight
Open Fracture Bone is broken and there is an open cut in the skin
Closed fracture Bone is broken and there is no open cut in the skin
Pathological fracture Bone breaks because it is weak from disease
Comminuted fracture Bone has been splintered
Greenstick fracture bone is partially broken on one side and bent on the opposite side
Colles' fracture Fracture of the distal radius near the wrist
Intra-articular fracture Fracture on the joint surface of the bone
Reduction Placing the bones back together
Closed Reduction An incision in the skin is not necessary to place the bones back together
Open Reduction Incising the skin to place the bones back together and under direct visualization
Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) When the fracture is severe and screws, nails or pins are needed to hold it in place
Abbreviation: C Cervical
Abbreviations: C1-C7 First cervical vertebrae to seventh cervical vertebrae
Abbreviation: DDD Degenerative disc disease
Abbreviation: IP Interphalangeal
Abbreviation: L Lumbar
Abbreviations: L1-L5 First Lumbar vertebrae to fifth Lumbar vertebrae
Abbreviation: LDD Lumbar Disc Disease
Abbreviation: MCP Metacarpophalangeal
Abbreviation: MSS Musculoskeletal system
Abbreviation: OA Osteoarthritis
Abbreviation: ORIF Open Reduction Internal Fixation
Abbreviation: Ortho Orthopedics
Abbreviation: RA Rheumatoid arthritis
Abbreviations: S1-S5 First Sacral Vertebrae to Fifth Sacral vertebrae
Abbreviation: T Thoracic
Abbreviations: T1-T12 First Thoracic Vertebrae to Twelfth Thoracic Vertabrae
Abbreviations: D1-D12 First Thoracic Vertebrae to Twelfth Thoracic Vertabrae
Abbreviation: TKR Total Knee Replacement
Abbreviation: TMJ Temporomandibular Joint
Root: Flex/o Bend
Root: Pronati/o Facing backward
Root: Supinati/o Facing forward
Root: Tens/o Stretch
Prefix: Dorsi- Back
Root: duct/o To draw (like drawing something to something)
Root: electr/o Electric
Root: fasci/o Fascia
Root: kinesi/o Movement
Root: lei/o Smooth
Root: muscul/o Muscle
Root: my/o Muscle
Root: myos/o Muscle
Root: rhabd/o Rod-shaped; striped;straited
Root: tendin/o Tendon
Root: ten/o Tendon
Root: tenosynovi/o Tendon sheath
Root: ton/o Tone;tension
Suffix: -asthenia no strength
Suffix: -clonus turmoil
Suffix: -ion Process of
Suffix: -kinesia Movement;motion
Suffix: -trophy nourishment; growth
Suffix: -thermy Heat
Abbreviation: CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Abbreviation: MD Muscular Dystrophy
Duchenne's Most common type of muscular dystrophy
Abbreviation: EMG Electromyography
Abbreviation: IM Intramuscular
Abbreviation: ROM Range of Motion
Abbreviation: RICE Rest, ice, compression, elevation
Abbreviation: SLR Straight leg raising
Root: ambly/o dull;dim
Root: coagulati/o to condense; to clot
Root: dipl/o Double
Root: emmetr/o in proper measure
Root: is/o equal
Suffix: -conus Cone-shaped
Suffix: -edema Accumulation of Fluid
Suffix- iasis Abnormal condition; process
Suffix: -metrist Specialist in the measurement of
Suffix: -ory Pertaining to
Prefix: myein- To shut
Prefix: presby- Old age
Prefix: psuedo- False
Root: aque/o Water
Root: chori/o Choroid
Root: choroid/o Choroid; membrane
Root: conjuctiv/o Conjunctiva
Root: core/o Pupil
Root: corne/o Cornea
Root: cycl/o Ciliary body
Root: dacry/o Tears
Root: dacryocyst/o Lacrimal sac (tear duct)
Root: goni/o Angle
Root: irid/o Iris
Root: ir/o Iris
Root: Kerat/o Cornea
Root: lacrim/o Tears
Root: mi/o Contraction; less
Root: mydri/o Wide;dilation; dilatation
Root: ocul/o Eye
Root: ophthalm/o Eye
Root: Opt/o Vision; sight
Root: palpebr/o eyelid
Root: papill/o optic disc
Root: phac/o lens
Root: phak/o Lens
Root: phot/o Light
Root: pupill/o Pupil
Root: Retin/o Retina
Root: scler/o Sclera
Root: ton/o Tension
Root: trabecul/o meshwork; lattice
Root: uve/o Uvea
Root: vitre/o glasslike; gel-like
Suffix: -chalasis relaxation
Suffix: -opia Visual condition; vision
Suffix: -opsia Visual condition; vision
Suffix: - tropia turning
Suffix: -tropion turning
Abbreviation: ECCE Extracapsular cataract extraction
Abbreviation: accom Accommodation
Abbreviation: ARMD age-related macular degeneration
Abbreviation: OD the right eye (oculus dextra)
Abbreviation: OS The left eye (oculus sinistra)
Abbreviation: OU Both eyes (oculus unitas)
Abbreviation: PERLA pupils equal, react to light and accomodation
Abbreviation: PERRLA pupils equal, round, regular, react to light and accomodation
Abbreviation: PRK photorefractive keratectomy
Abbreviation: EOM Extraocular movement
Abbreviation: IOL Intraocular Lens
Abbreviation: IOP Intraocular pressure
Abbreviation: LASEK laser epithelial keratomileusis
Abbreviation: LASIK laser- assisted in situ keratomileusis
Abbreviation VA visual acuity
Abbreviation: VF Visual field
Root: Audi/o Hearing
Root: Audit/o Hearing
Root: aur/o Ear
Root: Cochle/o Cochlea
Root: labyrinth/o inner ear/ labyrinth
Root: myring/o tympanic membrane; eardrum
Root: Ossicul/o ossicles
Root: ot/o Ear
Root: salping/o Eustachian tube
Root: staped/o Stapes
Root: tympan/o tympanic membrane; eardrum
Suffix: -cusis hearing
Abbreviation: AC Air Conduction
Abbreviation: AD Right ear (auris dextra)
Abbreviation: AS Left ear (auris sinistra)
Abbreviation: AU Both ears (auris unitas)
Abbreviation: BC bone conduction
Abbreviation: EENT Eyes, ears, nose and throat
Abbreviation: ENT Ears, nose and throat
Abbreviation: HD hearing distance
Abbreviation: Hz Hertz
Abbreviation: NIHL nerve-induced hearing loss
Abbreviation: TM tympanic membrane
Root: immun/o Safe
Root: radi/o Radioactive
Suffix: -genesis Production
Suffix: -gen Producing
Prefix: eu- Normal; good
Root: acr/o Extremity; top
Root: aden/o Gland
Root: adrenal/o Adrenal
Root: adren/o Adrenal
Root: andr/o Male; man
Root: calc/o Calcium
Root: Crin/o to secrete
Root: estr/o Female
Root: gluc/o Sugar
Root: glyc/o Sugar
Root: glycogen/o Glycogen
Root: gonad/o Gonads; sex glands
Root: gynec/o Woman
Root: home/o Same
Root: insulin/o insulin
Root: kal/o Potassium
Root: Natr/o Sodium
Root: pancrat/o Pancreas
Root: parathyroid/o Parathyroid gland
Root: pituitar/o Pituitary gland
Root: thyr/o thyroid gland; shield
Root: thyroid/o Thyroid gland; shield
Root: ure/o Urea (found in urine)
Suffix: -assay analysis of a mixture to identify its contents
Suffix: -crine To secrete
Suffix: -dipsia thirst
Suffix: -physis to grow
Suffix: -tropic stimulating
Prefix: Oxy- sharp; quick
Abbreviation: DM Diabetes mellitus; a disease which the body is unable to use sugar to produce energy
Abbreviation: ACTH Adrenaocorticotropic hormone
Abbreviation: ADH Antidiuretic hormone
Abbreviation: Ca Calcium; cancer
Abbreviation: FSH follicle-stimulating hormone
Abbreviation: GH Growth hormone
Abbreviation: K Potassium
Abbreviation: LH Luteinizing hormone
Abbreviation: MSH Melanocyte-stimulating hormone
Abbreviation: Na Sodium
Abbreviation: OT Oxytocin
Abbreviation: P Phosphorus
Abbreviation: PRL Prolactin
Abbreviation: PTH Parathyroid hormone
Abbreviation: RIA Radioimmunoassay
Abbreviation: T3 Triiodothyronine
Abbreviation: T4 Thyroxine
Abbreviation: TFT Thyroid function tests
Abbreviation: TRH Thyrotropin-releasing hormone
Abbreviation: TSH Thyroid-stimulating hormone
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