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Birth of Democracy

What made travel and communication difficult for ancient Greek City-States? Mountainous Terrain
The Greek Empire began around which year? Two Thousand BC
Ruled by a small group of noble, land owning families Aristocracy
Government ruled by a few powerful people Oligarchy
Who developed direct democracy and the three branches of government Greek Empire
This Empire began in 753 B.C; created the first republic and the Twelve Tables. Roman Empire
This was a written law code that established the practice that laws would be fairly administered Twelve Tables
When citizens elect leaders who make governmental decisions Republic
These were landowners who held most of the power in Rome Patricians
These were Roman farmers, artisans and merchants. Were citizens, could vote, but could not hold most important government positions. Plebians
The original religion of Rome in which many gods and goddesses were worshiped. Polytheism
Originally the Roman Empire was hostile to the ideas of which two religions? Christianity and Judaism
In 312 AD this Roman Emperor prayed for help before a battle and claims to have seen a Christian symbol in the sky. Constantine
Which phrase did Constantine see in the sky when we prayed for help before a battle in 312 AD? In This Sign Conquer
Which emperor made Christianity the official religion of Rome In 380 A.D? Theodosius
A religious movement by the Protestants to reform the Catholic Church The Reformation
Martin Luther disagreed with the practice of selling ____ for sins. pardons
The Catholic church believed that only the Church could interpret the ____. bible
The Catholic church believed that one could gain salvation only through the ____ church
Protestants believed ____ had no special powers to grant salvation Clergy
in 1066 A.D. who was the duke of Normandy that conquered England William
Developed the trial by jury and established common law Henry II
He fought a costly, unsuccessful war with France. Lost much of its land in France and tried to raise taxes. King John
In 1215, what did angry nobles force King John to sign? Magna Carta
This contract between the king and ____ of England. Limited the power of the monarch. Nobles
This is law based on customs and principles established over time Common Law
England’s national legislature Parliament
This part of the Magna Carta said that the King had to ask for popular consent before he could tax. Clause 12
This part of the Magna Carta said that a person had a right to trial by jury and protection of the law Clause 39
Before the Glorious Revolution, Protestants were afraid that which religion would become the official religion of England? Catholicism
The Glorious Revoltion's main event was when William and Mary agreed to which type of government? Constitutional Monarchy
Enlightenment thinkers Wanted to use ____and testing of theories to human affairs. observation
Who believed that people are selfish and ambitious. Need an absolute monarchy to control them Thomas Hobbes
All people have three natural rights; life, liberty and property. People form governments to protect these rights, if they do not they have the right to rebel John Locke
Who believed that only legitimate government came from consent of the governed Rousseau
Who beleived that liberty could be best protected by a separation of powers Montesquieu
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