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TCI 9+

Contributions of Muslims to World Civilization

cultural diffusion the spread of cultural elements from one society to another
scholarship the act of and knowledge gained through being a scholar
technology the use of tools and other inventions for practical purposes
recreation activities people do as hobbies and for relaxation
innovation something new; an improvement
adaptation a change made to an existing object or way of doing things
mosque the Muslim house of worship
zoology the scientific study of animals
astronomy the scientific study of the stars, planets, and other objects in the universe
astrolabe an instrument used to observe and measure the position of the sun and other heavenly bodies
circumference the distance around a circle or sphere
algebra a branch of mathematics that solves problems involving unknown numbers
zero Arabic word meaning "something empty"
pharmacist a person who prepares medicines for use in healing
mysticism a form of religious beliefs and practice involving sudden insight and intense experiences of God
calligraphy the art of beautiful handwriting
conservatory an advanced school of music
observatory a building designed for observing the stars and planets
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