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Unit 4 - Meaning

Unit 4 - Looking for Meaning (SFA Revision)

What does omnipotent mean? God is all powerful
What does omniscient mean? God is all knowing
What is an atheist? Someone who doesn't believe in God!
What is an agnostic? Someone who's not sure if God's real
What is an theist? Someone who believes in God
Name 3 symbols for Christianity. Fish, cross, crucifix, trinity
What is the Trinity? God the Father, son and Holy spirit
Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross to............ Save the world from sin!
Name 3 ways why people believe in God. Holy books, Miracles, worship, act of kindness, inner peace, beauty of the world
How can people respond to God? Prayer, worship, festivals, pilgrimage, vocation, serving others
What is vocation? A calling from God - priests, nuns or to help others (MLK)
Give 2 examples of how religious people can serve others. Charity, prayer, mission, preaching, following teachings of Jesus
What does the sanctity of life mean? Life is precious and God given
Christians believe that who created the world? God
What book in the bible is the creation story in? Genesis
What is Euthanasia? Making a decision to end your life with help
What is the Catholic churches' view on Euthanasia? It's wrong
Why do Catholics believe Euthanasia is wrong? They believe only God can decide when you die and every life has a purpose
What is free will? Being able to make your own decisions
What is passive Euthanasia? Someone is not helped to die but they are not given anything to help them live longer such as medication
What is active Euthanasia? This is when help is given to die - usually drugs
What type of Euthanasia do Christians support? Passive Euthanasia
Explain 2 reasons for Euthanasia... People should make own decisions - Free willGod would not want anyone to suffer in pain and misery
Explain 2 reasons against Euthanasia... Human life is sacred and God given. All humans whether sick are not have a purpose in life
What does this mean? - 'In his hand is the life of every living thing' - book of Job That life is in God's hands only and noone has the right to end life
Who from the bible said that pain and suffering is a test? St Paul, book of Corinthians
Is the Pope for or against Euthanasia? Against
What do Christian believe go to heaven after we die? Our soul
What do Christians believe happens after you die? Heaven/Hell
What is purgatory? Only a RC belief - it's the place between heaven and hell
What is Judgement day? A Christian and Muslim belief that everyone wil be judged one day in the future
What happens at a RC funeral? Prayers are said for the soul, preist wears white robes, the preist blesses the coffin.
What happens in an orthodox funeral? Coffin open, candles to remember resurrection, incense sprayed on coffin, readings from bible
What happens at a Muslim funeral? Prayers in mosque and graveside, funeral takes place within 24 hrs after death, usually only attended by men, all bodies buried, head faces holy city of Mecca
Who do Muslims believe talks to the person in the grave? Two angels to ask them questions to see if they are fit to go to the next life.
What do Muslims believe about the day of Judgement? All graves opened, people brought back to life, book of deeds given in either right(heaven) or left(hell) hand
What does the Surah teach about Judgement day? That the unbelievers will burn in hell
What is suicide? When someone takes their own life
Why might someone commit suicide? Money problems, depression, grief, bullying
Who are the Samaritans? A charity to help people who are considering taking their own lives
Where does the name Samaritans come from? The parable Jesus taught called the Good Samaritan
Is the Samaritans a Christian organisation? No and those who work for the charity cannot mention religion
What is the Christian view on suicide? It's wrong - but believe that people need help and care.
How could a Christian help someone who is considering suicide? Talk to them, give them number for Samaritans, read from the bible to them, refer them to a priest, tell them God loves them, pray for them
What do Muslims believe about suicide? It's wrong and this is what the Prophet Muhammad taught
Why do Muslim suicide bombers believe they are doing Gods work? They do not believe they are committing suicide. They think they are fighting lesser Jihad (holy war). This is a minority viewpoint
Created by: allylreeves
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