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Health Ch. 3

Health Chapter 3 Vocabulary

What is isotonic? And give an example. activity that combines muscles contraction with repeated movement. lifting weights, push ups, pull ups
What is isokinetic? And give an example. activity that involves resistance through an entire range of motion. pushing or pulling against exercise equitment.
What is an Aerobic activity? Give example of a sport and an activity. vigorous activity in which oxygen is continuously takin in for a period of at least 20 minutes. Sport: TrackActivity:Jogging
What is a anaerobic activity? And give an example of a sport snd activity. intense bursts of activity in which the muscles work so hard that they produce energy without using oxygen. Sport- 100 meter dashActivity-Weight training
What is resting heart rate? Number of times your heart beats in one minute when you are not active.
What does cool-down mean? Progressivly decreasing heart rate without a workout.
What is specificity? Particular exercises and activities that improve particular areas of fitness.
What is cross-training? Combining different exercise routines to work different body systems.
What is overweight? Matabolism and basil meatabolism relate to this problem.
How does physical fitness affect our total health? Because it makes you feel relaxed and healthy and it makes you feel social.
Most accurate way to measure Body Fat %? Hydrostatic Weighing Subtraction of air and weight
4. Using exercise to control a person’s depression is benefitting what area of health? Physical Health
What is isometric? And give an example. activity that uses muscle tention to improve muscular strength with little or no movement of the body part. Pushing hands together in front of you
Created by: libertysoccer23