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9WH Chapter 1

Renaissance Rebirth
Where did the Renaissance begin? Italy
Ways the Crusades contributed to the Renaissance: 1. Increased demand for Middle Eastern products. 2. Stimulated production of goods to trade in Middle Eastern markets. 3. Encouraged the use of credit and banking.
Major Italian cities Milan, Venice, Florence, Genoa
Renaissance Man the ideal individual who strove to master almost every area of study.
Humanism viewed life as preparation for afterlife, but also celebrated living and the individual.
Secular worldly rather than spiritual and concerned with the here and now.
Who is known as the first Humanist? Petrarch
Who wrote The Prince? Niccolo Machiavelli
List the guidelines given in The Prince for a ruler to rule with absolute power: 1. Better for a ruler to be feared than to be loved. 2. Ruler should be quick and decisive in decision making. 3. Ruler keeps power by any means necessary. 4. The end justifies the means
Who wrote The Book of the Courtier? Castiglione
Perspective art style which shows 3 dimensions on a flat surface.
Vernacular everyday language
Who invented the moveable printing press? Johannes Gutenberg
What was the first book printing on the printing press? Bible
Who pushed for a vernacular form of the Bible and was considered the most influential humanist of Northern Europe? Erasmus
Who wrote Utopia? (Be sure to understand what his ideal society consisted of) Sir Thomas Moore
Who was the leading literary figure of the Renaissance? William Shakespeare
Protestant Reformation (understand the 2 causes) reform movement that would split the Catholic Church
Who wrote the 95 thesis? Martin Luther
Indulgences payments for pardon of sins
Who established the Anglican Church? (understand this Jerry Springer story) Henry VIII
What are Calvinists called in France and England/ North America? France- Huguenots England and North America- Puritans
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