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Medical Terminology

Suffix/combining forms - indicates: procedure, condition or disease

-algia Pain in a specified part of the body
-cele Hernia, swelling, sac, tumour
-centesis Puncture into a body cavity, usually to remove fluid
-cyte Defining a cell
-desis Binding or fixation
-ectasis Dilation of a tubular structure
-ectomy Surgical removal of a specified part of the body; excision
-aemia Condition of the blood
-genic Relating to gene; origin, formation
-gram A recording, usually by an instrument
-graphy Process of recording, writing, printing, representing
-ia States or conditions, often abnormal
-iasis Condition or state, especially an unhealthy one
-itis Inflammation
-lysis Breaking down or detachment; dissolution or rupture of cells
-malacia Morbid softening of tissues
-megaly Enlargement of a body part
-oid Resembling or having the appearance of
-oma A tumor or neoplasm
-ology The study of
-opsy Examination or inspection
-osis Disease, morbid state, abnormal increase.
-pathy Morbid condition or disease; designates a noninflammatory condition
-penia Deficiency, decrease
-pexy Surgical fixation of an organ
-plasty Molding or shaping of a defect to restore form and function to a body part
-ptosis A downward displacement or prolapse of an organ
-rhaphy Process of suturing
-rrhoea Flow or discharge
-rhexis Rupture of a blood vessel or of an organ
-scopy Process of viewing, examining
-spasm Involuntary contraction
-stasis Maintain constancy, stoppage or diminution of flow (e.g. blood)
-stomy Artificial or surgical opening
-therapy Treatment
-tome Instrument for cutting; a segment
-tripsy breaking; surgical procedure in which a structure is intentionally crushed
-tomy Surgical incision or cutting
-trophy Nourishment, growth or development
-uria Condition of the urine
-plegia A specified paralysis
-cidal (-cide) An agent that kills, or the act of killing
-phagia Eating, swallowing
-phrenia Of the mind, disordered mental activity
-pnoea Breath, respiration
-opia Visual condition or defect
-emesis To vomit
-lithiasis Presence, condition, or formation of stones
-pepsia State of the digestion
-aesthesia Condition of feeling, perception, or sensation
-dipsia To have thirst
-ism A condition, disease, or intoxication
-cusis Deafness, hearing
-plasm Formation, structure, tumour, tissue or living substance.
-gravida Pregnancy
-oedema Excessive amount of fluid in or around cells, tissues or serous cavities of the body, swelling
-iac Pertaining to
-septic Presence of infection
-phasia Speech disorder
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