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Mod 2 Ch 37, 38, 49

Fundamentals Of Assisting Test #3 Ch 37, 38, 49

Role of MA -assist the Physician during the exam and procedures -instruct pt. before, during, after procedures -advocate and help pt.
allergist / immunologist -dx, tx, and manage allergies, asthma, and immune system disorders -administer desensitizing injections
scratch test testing for allergies on forearm or back
wheals small raised areas indicating allergy or inflammation
dermatologist / dermatology physician who specializes in dx and tx of skin and integumentary system
Mohs technician MA's w specialized training to assist Dermatologist in removal of cancerous skin lesions and surrounding skin layers
Cardiologist physician who specializes in dx and tx of cardiovascular-related diseases and disorders
Duty of MAs in cardiology office -EKGs -Holter monitors
Gastroenterologist physician who specializes in digestive system and associated structures
Proctologist Physician who specializes in rectum and anus only
occult blood "hidden blood"
stool sample detects blood, bacteria, and parasites
Orthopedics Physician who specializes in musculoskeletal system
amputation partial or complete removal of a limb for a variety of reasons
bone scan use of scanning equipment to visualize bones. Useful in observing progress of treatment for osteomyelitis and bone cancer
rheumatologist physician who specializes in treatment of joints: inflammation, autoimmune disorders and lupus
neurologist physician who specializes in nervous system
neurosurgeon physician who performs surgical procedures on the nervous system
psychiatrist physician who treats mental and neurological conditions that affect behavior
Instructing pts on breast self-exam -do exam in shower -post-menopausal women perform exam at same time each month -pre-menopausal women perform exam 1 wk after period ends
pap test prep -have everything ready including 2 pairs of gloves, vag spec, lub, cervical spatula and broom / brush, dry or liquid prep, cleansing tissue, and cotton-tipped applicator
MA instructions for pap prep -do not douche for 24-48 hours before exam -avoid sexual intercourse for 48 hours -avoid scheduling exam when you're on period
MA role in prenatal care -set up exam room -obtain pt's urine specimen -weigh pt -take bp -have pt. describe problems -chart everything -assist pt onto table -drape pt
methods of contraception -barrier -hormonal -intrauterine devices -natural family planning
Barrier method of contraception -spermicides -male condom -female condom -diaphragm -cervical cap sponge
Hormonal method of contraception -birth control pills -implants -injections -skin patch -vaginal ring
circumcision -the removal of the foreskin of the penis -it is the right of the parent to decide regarding circumcision
testicular examination -should be performed in the shower -warn patient that epididymis is "normal lump" in penis region
sexually transmitted infections -BV is not a true STD, just an imbalance -includes trich, gonorrhea, syphilis
radiology the branch of medicine that used radioactive substances, or matter that gives off radiation, and various techniques, to visualize the internal structures of the body for dx and tx.
MA's role in radiology (with no additional training) -refer pt or make appt. -provide consent forms -instruct on prep -be aware of safety issues when working with equipment -be familiar with process and tests to be able to answer questions -assist with disrobing and dressing
Be familiar with tests and procedures requiring instructions / special prep -special dietary restrictions -NPO (nothing by mouth)
fluoroscopy the use of a fluoroscope to see real-time moving images of internal structures and organs
GI Series -fluoroscopic series -study of the digestive tract using contrast media
Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) -fluoroscopic series -radiological examination of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder
Cholecystogram -fluoroscopic series -radiological examination of the gall bladder using contrast medium, usually iodine
angiography -x-ray visualization of the internal anatomy of blood vessels after contrast has been injected -used to diagnose MIs, stroke, and renal artery stenosis
mammography -exam of soft tissues of breast -doesn't require contrast -identifies benign and malignant tumors
KUB -Kidneys,ureters, and bladder -radiograph or abdominal flat plate
CT -computerized tomography -combines x-ray with computer analysis of tissue -with / without contrast -80-100 x-rays worth of radiation
MRI -magnetic resonance imaging -utilizes a magnet to visualize structures
ultrasound -high-frequency sound waves images internal structures -uses no radiation -painless and non-invasive -gel is required for conduction
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