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Health Care Systems

Mr. G’s Healthcare Facilities

General hospitals Treat wide range of conditions
Specialties hospitals Care for specials conditions or age groups. Examples include St. Jude's children hospital and Cancer Centers of America
Government hospitals Operated by federal, state or local government agencies. Examples include Salem Veterans Administration, University of Virginia Medical Center.
University or college medical centers Provide hospital services along with research and education. Can be funded by private or government sources. Examples include Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute. VTC
Long Term Care Facilities Provide care and assistance for elderly residents,
Residential Care Facilities Facilities designed to provide basic physical and emotional care to individuals who can no longer care for themselves.
Extended care facilities Designed to provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitate care to prepare patients or residents to return home or to other long term care facilities.
Independent living facilities or Assisted Living Allow individuals who care for themselves to rent or purchase an apartment in the facility
Medical offices Vary from offices that are privately owned by one doctor to large complexes
Dental offices Dental services include general care provided to all age groups.
Clinics Health care facilities found in many types of health care. Examples include Surgical clinics, Urgent, Rehab, Outpatient, Health department and medical center clinics.
Optical centers Can be individually owned by an ophthalmologist or optometrist
Emergency care services EMS Provide special care for victims of accidents or sudden illness.
Laboratories Facilities providing special diagnostic tests blood, urine tests, (etc.)
Home health care Provides nursing, therapy, personal care or housekeeping services in the patient's own home
Hospice Program designed to provide care for the terminally ill
Mental health facilities Treat patents with mental disorders and diseases
Genetic counseling centers Work with couples or individuals who are pregnant or considering a pregnancy
Rehabilitation facilities Located in hospitals, clinics an.or private centers. They provide care to help patients with physical or mental disabilities obtain maximum self care and function.
Industrial health care centers Found in large companies or industries. Provide health care for employees of the industry or business.
School health services Found in schools and colleges. provide emergency care for victims of accidents and sudden illness, conduct health assessments and maintains a safe environment.
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